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interest u/s234 A
Started by Anonymous User at 11:32 a.m. on 18 April 14
interest u/s 234A in case of 147 assessments
Regarding aircel service
Started by at 8:58 p.m. on 16 April 14
hello sir,
             last time i  did recharge of 89 rs and i getten the plan local A to A 15 paisa/min and other 25 paisa/min validity  for 60 days .But now problem is that call is 2 paisa/sec. why? if you not give any feedback after that i will case in consumer case. please solve my problem. i was try many time contact of customer but thay were always busy?
Cheated by a Finance Company
Started by Anonymous User at 10:41 p.m. on 15 April 14
Dear Experts,
I am from Hyderabad and have invested a huge amount i.e. Rs.18lacs in a finance company which is registered under companies act, which is in Hyderabad. regn no 346.
This company was accepting fixed deposits and issued Fixed Deposit bonds with maturity date and maturity value mentioned on it.
This company was providing 37.50% interest for two year tenure. 
Having Cheques issued by the company's proprietor, all the cheques are bounced.
I have filed a case under NI Act 138.

Can I approach any other regulatory body for recovering the amount from this company.
Can I file any other criminal complaint against this company, instead of civil or recovery suit which are very costly affair for myself as already I have lost enough amount and also I am not in a position to pay that much amount.

If I can approach any other regulatory body then please suggest me along with act or provision under which I can approach the regulatory body.
If I can file any other criminal complaint then please suggest me relevant act and provisions for the same.

Can I approach police in this regards, if so then please suggest me on what basis I can do so.
Please help.   
michael kors qb95
Started by Anonymous User at 3:38 p.m. on 11 April 14
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deceased disputed property
Started by krystel at 2:30 p.m. on 10 April 14
Can somebody guide me if there is property in society and society is fighting case agaist a builder regarding the land been encroached. while the case is going on the owner dies, how can we transfer property on name of his heirs
Thanking you
Email Hacking and false allegations
Started by at 1:44 p.m. on 10 April 14

On 02-01-2014 a hard copy of an email dated 05-09-2013, was handed over to me by my head assistant saying that an email was sent from my ID. the content of the email was as under:


"Subject: You must read this

From: Dr. Manoj Kumar Paul <.my email id>Thu.5 Sep'13 8:49p

To: <>

Show Full Headers         View blocked images

Hi, how are you doing? Losing weight is the best thing I've done in my life. http//

It's free to try, what do you have to lose? Please let me know how well  it works for you."


Going through the hard copy of the email I was rather surprised to note that the mail is dated 5th Sept. 2013 but the matter was informed to me on 02-01-2014, i.e. after nearly 4 months

Secondly,no such email was ever sent by me to anybody.
Thirdly, it was addressed to some, who is totally unknown to me but it is allegedly received by the lady librarian at the college libraian's official email ID at, which is impossible in normal emailing system.

Fourth, I checked my sent mail box but no such mail was found.

Fifth, I checked my contact list but no such contact with ...andra009@gmail was found.

It was claimed that there was an objectionable picture in this email which was not shown in the hard copy. 
Later it was claimed that the webpage link contained in the email http// had an objectionable image.

After getting the hard copy I thought that it was perhaps the act of some hacker and accordingly I sent alert to all of my contacts that my email was hacked in the month of September 2013.

On 02-01-2014 I tried to check the webpage link http// that was claimed to have some objectionable image but surprisingly no such web page was available.

I thought that  either the librarian or the head assistant is trying to blackmail me for some reasons best known to them.

I planned to file an FIR at the local PS. But on 03-01-2014 there was a Strike in the city and as a result it was not possible to lodge the FIR.

On 04-01-2014, before lodging the FIR I wanted to confirm whether any such mail had been received by the librarian or not and went to her chamber. I asked her that if she had received any such mail on 5th Sept. 2013 then for what reason she had not informed the matter to me earlier and what was the reason to send the hard copy through the head Assistant of the college.

Her reply was that she was hesitating to tell the matter me. Then I asked that you hesitated to inform the matter to your Principal but not to the Head Assistant who is also a male.

However, I requested her to open her mail box and show me the mail.

She opened her mail box and exactly the above text was found in her Rediffmail ID. But there was neither any picture nor image. I asked her that if the mail was addressed to then how it was received by you in your rediffmail account? There was no answer. I asked her about the image, then her reply was there was a bad image at the right had top corner at that time.

I was really very angry to listen all these nonsense and out that I deleted the mail from her inbox.

After this she along with the head assistant and some other teachers of the college, made it a big issue and accused me that I had sent an objectionable email to the lady librarian and when the matter came to their knowledge I had forcefully deleted the same from her account.

Here to note that the email ID in which she received the mail is not her personal ID but it was created for all official communications of the library for example for placing orders of books and other library materials, etc.

Now I am very much in trouble as the group is trying at every level to malign my image in the society. They have published it in the local dailies with the headline that the principal had sent an objectionable email to a lady librarian. Not only this but they are demanding my resignation on this issue also.

However, I had lodged an FIR at local Police Station on 04-01-2014 and requested the SP to refer the matter to the cyber crime cell and accordingly it has already been referred to the Special Superintendent of Police, CID Branch (Cyber Crime Cell).

Now the vested group is trying to harass or book me through the Sexual Harassment of Women in working place ACT 2013.
They are also trying to book me with IT act Sec 66, 66A and others for sending an objectionable email and for deletion of email without consent of the person concerned.

I am puzzled and request you to provide me suggestion and guidance.
Voice sample
Started by ajaygupta27 at 9:26 a.m. on 10 April 14
One of my friend is falsly implicated in a trap case by lokayukt. The police claim that they have voice recordings, demanding and accepting money between the Accused and the Complainant. The police is pressurising him for giving his voice sample.Whereas in one of the case Ritesh Sinha Vs Govt of UP, the Apex Court ordered that the accused can not be forced to give evidence against himself by giving his voice sample. He has refused to police in writing.Moreover he is not Red handed Trapped,the police recovered the amount from his house, which was falsly plented by the police and the complainant. The police did not wash his hands also. Kindly advice the legal position of the sam whether the voice sample need to be given or not.
Cyber Crime
Started by rockawer at 8:38 a.m. on 10 April 14
Dear Sir/Medam 

                i want to know about, what is the punishment for the make a fake account like if any person make a fake account and update details are another person so which section under this type of crime and what is punishment for that crime. i m student of law i wish u will be help me ?
contempt of court
Started by trip1177 at 7:14 p.m. on 09 April 14
we r 05 brothers. we have joint ancestral property aginst our names. although we r ploughing our fields as given by our late father. this division is not equal n legal. so i filed a suit for 1/5 division of the agricultural land against my name. in between i took a stay order to stop selling/transfer of land to any third party as the youngest brother is in habit of selling the land. registrar,s office was informed by the stay order passed bt the SDM's(revenue) court officially.SDM(revenue) court passed the order for division of land and matter was further referred to tehsildar's office for division of land. in between my youngest brother has sold the land to two parties. now my question is that (i) is registrar accused of doing contempt of court or not n can a notice be served against him. i know that my youngest brother is the main culprit. (ii)what can be done against him? 
Ramesh Kumar Vrs Rajasthan Public Service Commission and anrs
Started by Anonymous User at 1:45 p.m. on 07 April 14
There is writ under jurisdiction of Rajasthan High court. The matter of discussion is that there are 2 different rules for Forest Department's officer recruitment. One rule is framed by Central Govt., after consultation with State Govt., in 2004 with a purpose that all states of India should conform minimum standards while recruiting the forest officers. and another rule is framed for recruitment the forest officer in 1962 by Governor of Rajasthan under article 309 of constitution of india. On contradiction of these rules which rule would prevail and why as Forest is the matter of concurrent list? What is the legal logics.  Please guide ................   
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