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Matrimonial cases related to returning of Stridhan along with depreciation
Started by officialhrm at 11:34 p.m. on 22 April 14
dear all,

I need to know some details about the gifts the brides/ wifes parents give at the time of marriage.
 if the husband deliberately do not return her all the stridhan including the car wifes parents gave and its been three years he is not willing to give it back,  is there any way out to get it back or court can ask him to return her a brand new vehicle if same model or the old vehicle along with depreciation?? if any one is aware along with citations please reply back.
Limitations Necessary for Effective Democracy in India.
Started by npcastelino at 1:42 p.m. on 22 April 14
For Effective Democracy in India, Certain Limitations are required to be fixed.  They are as follows:-

1.  No Individual should be elected to any particular position, right from the Highest Position of the President of India to that of a Panch (Member) of a Village Panchayat/Member of a Municipal Council, to include that of a Member of theLok Sabha or a Member of the Rajya Sabha and a Member of the Legislative Assembly or a Member of the Legislative Council, more than twice in his/her lifetime.

2.   No Individual should be allowed to contest any Elections if his/her age on the filing of his/her Nomination is of 75(Seventy-Five) completed years or above.

3.   No Individual should be allowed to contest any Elections unless he/her has completed the age of 30 (thirty)
years on the date of he/she filing his/her Nomination.

By Mr. Neil Pius Castelino, Address:- 313/2, St. Matias, Malar, Divar, Tiswadi, Goa ā€“ 403403. Contact Nos:- +91-9921170298 & +91-9405330135.

RTI rejected under Section 2(f)
Started by naviator1 at 5:27 p.m. on 21 April 14
Dear all,

I have filled an RTI to Civil Aviation Dept of Govt. Of India,for which  I got a reply that the explanation /clarification is beyond the purview of RTI Act 2005 and therefore can not be provided under section 2(f) of the RTI Act 2005.
I request u if any can help on this ,as how to reply back to the concerned authority and get the information.

Details of RTI : 

A.As per CAR series ā€˜Jā€™ Part III 4.2, do the variations filed by the operator and which is further approved by DGCA, has to be more restricting than the DGCA CAR.
B.As per variation 2 approved by DGCA Ref:AV.22012/10/2013-FSD (AI) dated 18/03/2013, whenever the operator has voluntarily increased the weekly rest period above the minimum 36 hour rest, can any duty be assigned by the operator during this period ?
C.As per variation 4 approved by DGCA Ref:AV.22012/10/2013-FSD (AI) dated 18/03/2013, on what basis has this variation has been approved, as this variation is not restricting than the limitations of the DGCA CAR.  
D.Under what circumstances Operator can assign duties to a Flight crew beyond 144 hrs?
E.What is the validity of the variations filled by the operator?

Reply from CPIO : 

For A,B& C : the explanation /clarification is beyond the purview of RTI Act 2005 and therefore can not be provided unde section 2(f) of the RTI Act 2005.

For D : The information sought is not clear 
For E : As per records available validity period is not specified for any variation.
existence of the Predecessor in title was not proved
Started by Anonymous User at 11:42 a.m. on 20 April 14
In a suit for partition plaintiffs seeking partition that they are the legal heirs of one Mayandi's sons through the 2nd wife .But they were not marked any documents for that they are the legal heirs of mayandi and not proved the 2nd wife of Mayandi. They were not proved that they are the legal heirs of Mayandi. Defendant purchased the property from the legal heirs of mayandi. 
Bottega Veneta Bags Girls
Started by Anonymous User at 5:15 p.m. on 19 April 14
<P>Women who feel betrayed in their relationships want to know how to stop their husbands from cheating on them again. Most of the guys out there are a lot less sensitive than women, therefore men seem to have a natural tendency to cheat. But what most women ignore and actually want to ignore, are their own mistakes.</P>
<P><B><a href="">Bottega Veneta Bags</a></B> Girls are sometimes overpossesive and guys don't like it when they feel that their freedom is threatened. If you want to stop your cheating boyfriend from repeatedly hurting you, it may be time to take a closer look at yourself and at the possible faults that may push him to do so.</P>
<P><STRONG></STRONG> Let's face the truth: Women are knaggy. I'm not saying all of them are, but most of them have a natural inclination towards nagging. When the wife complains about her partner the whole time, there's a high probability that he'll turn into a cheating husband.</P>
<P>Try to come up with a way of working around the things that disturb you and avoid being the unceasing complainer. It's actually a great way to avoid or to stop your partner from cheating on you.</P>
<P>If you're married and you have kids, don't allow the differences between them spoil your relationship. If you oppose your husband too frequently when it comes to the education of your children, you may be pushing him to seek agreement somewhere else. Stop your spouse from cheating on you by finding a compromise on problems that aren't too serious.</P>
<P>Men need attention from their girlfriends and wives too. Listen to your boyfriend when he talks to you, even if you don't like what you're hearing or if it bores you. If you won't give him the attention he requires, he may be seeking comfort in an emotional affair. Treat him the same way you want him to treat you and you'll stop him before he even considers cheating.</P>
<P>Let your boyfriend know that his opinion matters to you. If he suggests that a certain dress would look good on you, go buy it and wear it next time you two meet. That doesn't mean you have to wear only the type of clothes he says suit you best, but every once in a while allow him to "guide" your fashion sense. It's very unlikely that a man accompanied by an attractive woman would ever cheat on her.</P>
<P>Men like having sex more than women. That's a fact. Actually most cheating men wear this tag because of a "cold" bedroom back home. Stop your boyfriend or husband from cheating on you by initiating sex from time to time. He'll be less likely to look for sexual encounters outside, if he gets more intimacy at home.</P>
<P>Should it happen that your husband or boyfriend cheats on you, try to understand why he did so, or at least give it a try. If you decide that your relationship is to precious to end, forgive him, then associate with happy couples. These experiences will remind your partner that having you on his side is much better than being single again.</P>
<P>There's no doubt about the fact that, when a husband cheats it's entirely his fault for stepping outside the rules of the relationship. However, it's possible for women to push their husbands or boyfriends away. Obviously there are many women around the world who have been loving and caring and still suffered from their husbands' infidelity, but I think this article provides a different perspective for ladies who really want their relationships to work. </P>
shikha bhatia v/s gaurav bhatia
Started by Anonymous User at 10:15 a.m. on 19 April 14
need the judgement copy in this case of Shikha Bhatia v/s Gaurav Bhatia of Delhi High Court in 2010 by Justice Hon'ble G S Sistani
Celine Outlet As
Started by Anonymous User at 8:45 p.m. on 18 April 14
<P>Today, it is unthinkable of manufacturing plastic products using only processes like blow moulding vacuum forming GRP moulding and fabrication and no rotomolding technology. Rotomolding greatly simplified the process of manufacturing products like plastic water tanks tubs crates mud guards boats and plant pots.</P>
<P>NA Group of Companies based in Ahmedabad a company that was manufacturing moulds recognized the potential of this revolutionary technology and began to manufacture machines required for rotomolding under the Naroto brand. We began with rock n roll machine bi-axial rotomolding machine and shuttle machine and gradually added ancillary equipment like pulverisers extruders mixers and scrap grinders to our product portfolio.</P>
<P>Naroto are very popular as they are ideal for manufacturing large-sized hollow products of up to 40000 ltr. / 10000 usg capacity and are cost-effective. They are easy to operate as they are controlled through a digital control panel. The motors come with AC variable speed drives so that the speed of the rocking and rolling actions can be managed through the panel board. Moreover these motors ensure that the machines run smoothly without jerking.</P>
<P>The machines are designed in such a way that low pressure is created outside individual adjustable burners making them user-friendly. This design also facilitates effective burning optimal consumption of fuel and hassle-free service for many years. Further the machines are robust and rarely need to be repaired. Another positive aspect of our machines is their flexibility: a gas-fired system can be converted to a diesel-fired system.</P>
<P>The cooling function is vital for the rotomolding process. The cooling station of our rock n roll machines has a rolling drive and is made of steel. The highly efficient industrial cooling fan ensures quick cooling.</P>
<P><STRONG></STRONG> The entire process is visible lowering the chances of faulty products being produced. We also offer the option of a pneumatic second charging unit that will allow operators to add a second or third layer resin comfortably. Our customers are all praise for our rock n roll machines that enable high production break down rarely and are easy to maintain. </P>
<P><B><a href="">Celine Outlet</a></B> As evident from the very design of our machines we are a customer-focused company always looking for ways that can help customers manufacture better products and at lower cost. Additionally we are ISO 9001: 2008 certified. We adhere to the strictest quality standards for our components equipment and processes thereby ensuring that the machines we produce are of the highest quality.</P>
<P>No wonder then that plastic product manufacturers across 65 countries want to buy from us. That number is set to grow as we take our business to new geographies.</P>
interest u/s234 A
Started by Anonymous User at 11:32 a.m. on 18 April 14
interest u/s 234A in case of 147 assessments
Regarding aircel service
Started by at 8:58 p.m. on 16 April 14
hello sir,
             last time i  did recharge of 89 rs and i getten the plan local A to A 15 paisa/min and other 25 paisa/min validity  for 60 days .But now problem is that call is 2 paisa/sec. why? if you not give any feedback after that i will case in consumer case. please solve my problem. i was try many time contact of customer but thay were always busy?
Cheated by a Finance Company
Started by Anonymous User at 10:41 p.m. on 15 April 14
Dear Experts,
I am from Hyderabad and have invested a huge amount i.e. Rs.18lacs in a finance company which is registered under companies act, which is in Hyderabad. regn no 346.
This company was accepting fixed deposits and issued Fixed Deposit bonds with maturity date and maturity value mentioned on it.
This company was providing 37.50% interest for two year tenure. 
Having Cheques issued by the company's proprietor, all the cheques are bounced.
I have filed a case under NI Act 138.

Can I approach any other regulatory body for recovering the amount from this company.
Can I file any other criminal complaint against this company, instead of civil or recovery suit which are very costly affair for myself as already I have lost enough amount and also I am not in a position to pay that much amount.

If I can approach any other regulatory body then please suggest me along with act or provision under which I can approach the regulatory body.
If I can file any other criminal complaint then please suggest me relevant act and provisions for the same.

Can I approach police in this regards, if so then please suggest me on what basis I can do so.
Please help.   
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