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Mangilal Jawanmal And Ors. vs The Special Land Acquisition ... on 29 August, 1977
The Limitation Act, 1963
Guhiram Gope And Ors. vs Uday Chandra Ghosal And Ors. on 6 April, 1963
Limitation Act
Lambodar Panda And Ors. vs Ramesh Chandra Panda And Ors. on 12 November, 1957

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Central Government Act
Section 26 in The Limitation Act, 1963
26. Exclusion in favour of reversioner of servient tenement. Where any land or water upon, over or from, which any easement has been enjoyed or derived has been held under or by virtue of any interest for life or in terms of years exceeding three years from the granting thereof, the time of the enjoyment of such easement during the continuance of such interest or term shall be excluded in the computation of the period of twenty years in case the claim is, within three years next after the determination of such interest or term, resisted by the person entitled on such determination to the said land or water.