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[Section 7] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 7(4) in the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
[(4) A certificate of registration granted under this section may—
(a) either on the application of the dealer to whom it has been granted or, where no such application has been made, after due notice to the dealer, be amended by the authority granting it if he is satisfied that by reason of the registered dealer having changed the name, place or nature of his business or the class or classes of goods in which he carries on business or for any other reason the certificate of registration granted to him requires to be amended; or
(b) be cancelled by the authority granting it where he is satisfied, after due notice to the dealer to whom it has been granted, that he has ceased to carry on business [or has ceased to exist or has failed without sufficient cause, to comply with an order under sub-section (3A) or with the provisions of sub-section (3C) or sub-section (3E) or has failed to pay any tax or penalty payable under this Act], or in the case of a dealer registered under sub-section (2) has ceased to be liable to pay tax under the sales tax law of the appropriate State or for any other sufficient reason.]