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In Re: Prakash Navnitbhai vs Unknown on 5 August, 1985
State vs . Raja Ram Yadav on 17 May, 2013
Girish Chunder Chowdhry vs Abdul Selam, A Minor, Represented ... on 10 June, 1886
Bhola Prasad Singh vs The State Of Bihar & Ors on 20 September, 2013
Ruhul Amin Sekh vs The State Of West Bengal & Ors on 16 June, 2015

[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 3 in The Majority Act, 1875
5 [3. Age of majority of persons domiciled in India.—
(1) Every person domiciled in India shall attain the age of majority on his completing the age of eighteen years and not before.
(2) In computing the age of any person, the day on which he was born is to be included as a whole day and he shall be deemed to have attained majority at the beginning of the eighteenth anniversary of that day.]