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Rethinasamy vs Komalavalli And Anr. on 14 July, 1981
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Bai Manchha Widow Of Nathubhai ... vs Sardar Sajjadanashin Saiyad ... on 5 October, 1962
The limitation act, 1963
Baimanchha Wd/O. Nathurhai ... vs Sardar Sajjadnashin Saiyad ... on 5 October, 1963

[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 23 in The Limitation Act, 1963
23. Suits for compensation for acts not actionable without special damage.—In the case of a suit for compensation for an act which does not give rise to a cause of action unless some specific injury actually results therefrom, the period of limitation shall be computed from the time when the injury results.