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The Secretary To Government, ... vs Counsel For Petitioner: Sri Sita ...
Daniel Padma Rao vs Herold Earnest Lawrence Davey on 10 February, 1995
Mahesh Harilal Khamar vs B.N. Narasimhan And Anr. on 3 March, 1982
Garware Chemicals Ltd. vs Board For Industrial And ... on 18 December, 2003
Kamlesh Babu & Ors vs Lajpat Rai Sharma & Ors on 16 April, 2008

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[Section 3] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 3(1) in The Limitation Act, 1963
(1) Subject to the provisions contained in sections 4 to 24 (inclusive), every suit instituted, appeal preferred, and application made after the prescribed period shall be dismissed although limitation has not been set up as a defence.