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K. Chinnathambi Gounder And Anr. vs The Government Of Tamil Nadu, ... on 22 June, 1979
K.C. Gounder And Anr. vs Government Of Tamil Nadu And Anr. on 22 June, 1979
Lalchand Dhanalal vs Dharamchand And Ors. on 31 October, 1962
G. Jayaram Reddy vs State Of Karnataka And Ors. on 13 April, 2005
Dr. M. Ismail Faruqui Etc, Mohd. ... vs Union Of India And Others on 24 October, 1994

[Section 6] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 6(1) in The Limitation Act, 1963
(1) Where a person entitled to institute a suit or make an application for the execution of a decree is, at the time from which the prescribed period is to be reckoned, a minor or insane, or an idiot, he may institute the suit or make the application within the same period after the disability has ceased, as would otherwise have been allowed from the time specified therefor in the third column of the Schedule.