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State vs . (1) Ankur Kumar on 9 October, 2014
Ramkubhai Valkubhai Dhakhda vs State Of Gujarat And Anr. on 1 December, 2005
Chitravel vs State Rep. By on 10 December, 2012
Rajan vs State Of Kerala on 9 July, 2010
M.Pandian vs The Sub Inspector Of Police on 25 November, 2014

[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 332 in The Indian Penal Code
332. Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty.—Whoever voluntarily causes hurt to any person being a public servant in the discharge of his duty as such public serv­ant, or with intent to prevent or deter that person or any other public servant from discharging his duty as such public servant, or in consequence of anything done or attempted to be done by that person in the lawful discharge of his duty as such public servant, shall be punished with imprisonment of either descrip­tion for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.