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Gtl Limited vs Ifci Ltd. & Ors. on 29 August, 2011
Grison Knitting Works vs Laxmi Commercial Bank Ltd. And ... on 28 April, 1959
Syndicate Bank ,Pallikara vs C.H.Muhammed on 6 April, 2010
M/S.Indiabulls Housing Finance ... vs Green Gardens Private Limited on 30 April, 2013
Sri Raja Kakarlapudi Venkata ... vs Andhra Bank Ltd., Vijayawada And ... on 17 October, 1959

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Central Government Act
Section 176 in The Indian Contract Act, 1872
176. Pawnee' s right where pawnor makes default.- If the pawnor makes default in payment of the debt, or performance, at the stipulated time of the promise, in respect of which the goods were pledged, the pawnee may bring a suit against the pawnor upon the debt or promise, and retain the goods pledge as a collateral security; or he may sell the thing pledged, on giving the pawnor reasonable notice of the sale. If the proceeds of such sale are less than the amount due in respect of the debt or promise, the pawnor is still liable to pay the balance. If the proceeds of the sale are greater than the amount so due, the pawnee shall pay over the surplus to the pawnor.
1. As to lien of an agent, see s. 22 1, infra. As to lien of a Railway Administration, see the Indian Railways Act, 1890 (9 of 1890 ), s. 55.