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Constituent Assembly Debates on 4 August, 1949 PART II
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H vs ( on 11 November, 2013
Shri Ramjee Roy And Anr. vs State Of Bihar And Ors. on 26 February, 2002
State Of West Bengal vs Union Of India on 21 December, 1962
Krishna Kumar Narula Etc vs The State Of Jammu And Kashmir & Ors on 1 March, 1967

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Central Government Act
Article 268 in The Constitution Of India 1949
268. Duties levied by the Union but collected and appropriated by the States
(1) Such stamp duties and such duties of excise on medicinal and toilet preparations as are mentioned in the Union List shall be levied by the Government of India but shall be collected
(a) in the case where such duties are leviable within any Union territory, by the Government of India, and
(b) in other cases, by the States within which such duties are respectively leviable
(2) The proceeds in any financial year of any such duty leviable within any State shall not form part of the Consolidated Fund of India, but shall be assigned to that State