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The State Of Uttar Pradesh And ... vs Babu Ram Upadhya on 25 November, 1960
Bhoopendra Singh Son Of Late S.R. ... vs Uttar Pradesh Sarkar Through ... on 13 July, 2007
Avadh Narain Singh vs Additional Superintendent Of ... on 13 February, 1959
State Of West Bengal And Anr. vs Tarun Kumar Sen Gupta And Anr. on 25 July, 1972
Sahyog Mahila Mandal And Anr. vs State Of Gujarat And Ors. on 18 March, 2004

[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 7 in [ The Police Act, 1861 ]
7. Appointment, dismissal, etc., of inferior officers.-- 2 3 [ Subject to the provisions of article 311 of the Constitution, and to such rules] as the State Government may from time to time make under this Act, the Inspector- General, Deputy Inspectors- General, Assistant Inspector- General and District Superintendents of Police may at any time dismiss, suspend or reduce any police- officer of the subordinate ranks] whom they shall think remiss or negligent in the discharge of his duty, or unfit for the same; 4 or may award any one or more of the following punishments to any police- officer 5 of the subordinate ranks] who shall discharge his duty in a careless or negligent manner, or who by any act of his own shall render himself unfit for the discharge thereof, namely:-
(a) fine to any amount not exceeding one month' s pay;
(b) confinement to quarters for a term not exceeding fifteen days, with or without punishment- drill, extra guard, fatigue or other duty;
(c) deprivation of good- conduct pay;
(d) removal from any office of distinction or special emolument.] 6