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Weizmann Ltd vs Ms. Shoes East Ltd. & Ors on 16 May, 2013
K. Ram Reddy vs State Of A.P. & Anr. on 24 November, 1997
V. Narayana Reddiar vs Rugmini Ammal And Ors. on 25 August, 2000
Madan Lal Sharma vs Punjab And Haryana High Court on 15 July, 1998
Laxminarayan Deepak Ranjan Das vs K.K. Jha And Ors. on 16 April, 1999

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Central Government Act
Section 340 in The Indian Penal Code, 1860
340. Wrongful confinement.-- Whoever wrongfully restrains any person in such a manner as to prevent that person from proceeding beyond certain circumscribing limits, is said" wrongfully to confine" that person. Illustrations
(a) A causes Z to go within a walled space, and locks Z. Z is thus prevented from proceeding in any direction beyond the circumscribing line of wall. A wrongfully confines z.
(b) A places men with firearms at the outlets of a building, and tells Z that they will fire at Z if Z attempts leave the building. A wrongfully confines Z.