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State Of Gujarat vs Raghu @ Raghavbhai Vashrambhai ... on 25 January, 2002
Dr. Anu Gayathri vs Dr. K.Karthikeyan on 4 September, 2008
Whether vs State on 12 January, 2012
Whether vs State on 9 February, 2011
Shanthakumari Amma vs State Of Kerala on 9 August, 2006

[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 302 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973
302. Permission to conduct prosecution.
(1) Any Magistrate inquiring into or trying a case may permit the prosecution to be conducted by any person other than a police officer below the rank of Inspector; but no person, other than the Advocate General or Government Advocate or a Public Prosecutor or Assistant Public Prosecutor, shall be entitled to do so without such permission: Provided that no police officer shall be permitted to conduct the prosecution if he has taken part in the investigation into the offence with respect to which the accused is being prosecuted.
(2) Any person conducting the prosecution may do so personally or by a pleader.