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M/S.Kekule Pharma Ltd., vs ≪Gist:
Hyderabad-73,Rep. By Its ... vs M/S.Kekule Pharma Ltd.,Regd. ...
First Leasing Company Of India ... vs Additional Registrar Of ... on 23 December, 1993
Madhavan Nambiar vs Registrar Of Companies on 9 November, 2001
Yashovardhan Saboo vs Groz-Beckert Saboo Ltd. And Ors. on 22 October, 1992

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[Section 297] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 297(1) in The Companies Act, 1956
(1) Except with the consent of the Board of directors of a company, a director of the company or his relative, a firm in which such a director or relative is a partner, any other partner in such a firm, or a private company of which the director is a member or director, shall not enter into any contract with the company-
(a) for the sale, purchase or supply of any goods, materials or services; or
(b) after the commencement of this Act, for underwriting the subscription of any shares in, or debentures of, the company: 1[ Provided that in the case of a company having a paid- up share capital of not less than rupees one crore, no such contract shall be entered into except with the previous approval of the Central Government.]