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The Automobile ... vs The State Of Rajasthan And ... on 9 April, 1962
Moti Lal And Ors. vs The Government Of The State Of ... on 11 May, 1950
Ram Autar Pandey vs State Of Uttar Pradesh And Anr. on 21 December, 1961
Commissioner Of Income-Tax vs Clive Insurance Co. Ltd. on 11 May, 1971
Nanalal Navalnathji Yogi vs Collector Of Bulsar And Ors. on 25 April, 1980

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Central Government Act
Article 307 in The Constitution Of India 1949
307. Appointment of authority for carrying out the purposes of Articles 301 to 304 Parliament may by law appoint such authority as it considers appropriate for carrying out the purposes of Articles 301, 302, 303 and 304, and confer on the authority so appointed such powers and such duties as it thinks necessary PART XIV SERVICES UNDER THE UNION AND THE STATES CHAPTER I SERVICES