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Dr. K.R. Lakshmanan vs State Of Tamil Nadu And Anr on 12 January, 1996
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State vs Laxminarain And Ors. on 27 July, 1964
Brahma Nand Gupta vs Delhi Administration And Ors. on 4 October, 1989

[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 4 in [ The Police Act, 1861 ]
4. Inspector- General of Police, etc.-- 12 The administration of the police throughout a general police district shall be vested in an officer to be styled the tInspector- General of Police, and in such Deputy Inspectors- General and Assistant Inspectors- General as to the State Government shall seem fit.
1. Under s. 2 of the Police Act, 1888 (3 of 1888 ), the Central Government may, notwithstanding this provision, create a special police- district, consisting of parts of two or more States. As to Delhi State, see Gazette of India, 1912, Pt. I, p. 1105.
2. Ins. by Act 8 of 1895, s. 1.
3. The definitions relating to" number" and" gender" rep. by Act 10 of 1914, s. 3 and Sch. II.
4. Cf. definition of" cattle" in s. 3 of the Cattle- trespass Act, 1871 (1 of 1871 ).
5. Ins. by the A. O. 1937.
6. S. 2, so far as it is related to the provinces under the administration of the Lieutenant- Governor of Bengal, rep. by the Bengal Police Act, 1869 (Ben. 7 of 1869 ).
7. See note to s. 8 infra, as to enrolment of the police force in certain places.
8. The words" and the members of such force shall receive such pay" omitted by the A. O. 1937.
9. Certain words omitted, ibid.
10. Ins., ibid.
11. The word" appoint" omitted, ibid.
12. In the town and suburbs of Calcutta, the admistation of the police vests in the" Commissioner of Police", see s. 3 of the Calcutta Police Act, 1866 (Ben. 4 of 1866 ).
The administration of the police throughout the local jurisdiction of the Magistrate of the district shall, under the general control and direction of such Magistrate, be vested in a District Superintendent and such Assistant District Superintendents as the State Government shall consider necessary. 1