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The Commissioner Of Income Tax vs M/S.Royal Rags Pvt Ltd on 9 October, 2012
Bhagwan Prasad Agrawal vs Cit & Anr. on 14 December, 2005
Income Tax Officer vs Kalyan Kumar Roy Trust on 31 July, 2000
Gujarat Flourochemicals Ltd. vs Commissioner Of Income Tax And ... on 3 July, 2007
========================================================= vs Commissioner Of Income Tax & Ors on 3 July, 2007

[Section 243(1)] [Section 243] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 243(1)(b) in The Income- Tax Act, 1995
(b) in any other case, within three months from the end of the month in which the claim for refund is made under this Chapter, the Central Government shall pay the assessee simple interest at 4 [ fifteen] per cent per annum on the amount directed to be refunded from the date immediately following the expiry of the period of three months aforesaid to the date of the order granting the refund. Explanation.- If the delay in granting the refund within the period of three months aforesaid is attributable to the assessee, whether wholly or in part, the period of the delay attributable to him shall be excluded from the period for which interest is payable.]