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Abdul Jalil S/O Late Habib Ullah vs Special Judge, E.C. ... on 22 August, 2007
M. Achutan vs Mrs. Carmin Leena Noronha And ... on 25 September, 2000

[Section 21] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 21(6) in The Delhi Rent Act, 1995
(6) The Rent Authority may, in his discretion, direct that compensation not exceeding one thousand rupees be paid to-
(a) the landlord or the tenant, as the case may be, by the complainant if the application under sub- section (2) was made frivolously or vexatiously;
(b) the complainant, if the landlord or the tenant, as the case, may be, had cut off or withheld the supply or service without just and sufficient cause. Explanation I.- In this section," essential supply or service" includes supply of water, electricity, lights in passages and on staircases, conservancy and sanitary services. Explanation II,- For the purposes of this section, withholding any essential supply or service shall include acts or omissions attributable to the landlord or the tenant.. as the case may be, on account of which the essential supply or service is cut off by a local authority or any other agency. CHAP PROTECTION OF TENANTS AGAINST EVICTION CHAPTER IV PROTECTION OF TENANTS AGAINST EVICTION