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Central Government Act
Section 161 in The Companies Act, 1956
161. Further provisions regarding annual return and certificate to be annexed thereto.
(1) The copy of the annual return filed with the Registrar under section 159 or 160, as the case may be, shall be signed both by a director and by the 3 ] manager or secretary of the company, or where there is no managing agent, secretaries and treasurers, manager or secretary, by two directors of the company, one of whom shall be the managing director where there is one: 4 Provided that where the annual return is filed by a company whose shares are listed on a recognised stock exchange, the copy of such annual return shall also be signed by a secretary in whole- time practice].
(2) There shall also be filed with the Registrar along with the return a certificate signed by 5 the signatories] of the return, stating--
(a) that the return states the facts as they stood on the day of the annual general meeting aforesaid, correctly and completely; 6
(aa) 7 that since the date of the last annual return the transfer of all shares and debentures and the issue of all further certificates of shares and debentures have been appropriately recorded in the books maintained for the pur- pose; and]
1. Ins by Act 65 of 1960, s. 39.
2. Subs by s. 39, ibid., for" and its manager".
3. The words" managing agent, secretaries and treasurers," omitted by Act 31 of 1988, S. 23 (w. e. f. 15- 6- 1988 ).
4. Ins. by s. 23, ibid. (w. e. f. 15- 6- 1988 ).
5. Subs. by s. 23, ibid. (w. e. f. 15- 6- 1988 ).
6. The word" and" omitted by Act 65 of 1960, s. 40,
7. Ins. by s. 40, ibid.
(b) in the case of a private company also, (i) that the company has not, since the date of the annual general meeting with reference to which the last return was submitted, or in the case of a first return, since the date of the in- corporation of the company, issued any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares or debentures of the company, and (ii) that, where the annual return discloses the fact that the number of members of the company exceeds fifty, the excess consists wholly of persons who under sub- clause (b) of clause (iii) of sub- section. (1) of section 3 are not to be included in reckoning the number of fifty.