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Central Government Act
Section 54 in The Wakf Act, 1995
54. Removal of encroachment from wakf property.
(1) Whenever the Chief Executive Officer considers whether on receiving any complaint or on his own motion that there has been an encroachment on any land, building, space or other property which is wakf property and, which has been registered as such under this Act, he shall cause to be served upon the encroacher a notice specifying the particulars of the encroachment and calling upon him to show cause before a date to be specified in such notice, as to why an order requiring him to remove the encroachment before the date so specified should not be made and shall also send a copy of such notice to the concerned mutawalli.
(2) The notice referred to in sub- section (1) shall be served in such manner as may be prescribed.
(3) If, after considering the objections, received during the period specified in the notice, and after conducting an inquiry in such manner as may prescribed, the Chief Executive Officer is satisfied that the property in is wakf property and that there has been an encroachment on any such wakf property, he may, by an order, require the encroacher to remove such encroachment and deliver possession of the land, building, space or other property encroached upon to the mutawalli of the wakf.
(4) Nothing contained in sub- section (3) shall prevent any person aggrieved by the order made by the Chief Executive Officer under that sub- section from instituting a suit in a Tribunal to establish that he has right, title or interest in the land, building, space or other property: Provided that no such suit shall be instituted by a person who has been let into possession of the land, building, space or other property as a lessee, licensee or mortgagee by the mutawalli of the wakf or by any other person authorised by him in this behalf.