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[Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 16 in The Representation Of The People Act, 1950
(1) Disqualifications for registration in an electioral roll. A person shall be disqualified for registration in an electoral roll if he-
(a) is not a citizen of India; or
(b) is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court; or
1. Subs. by Act 2 of 1956, s. 10, for the heading" REGISTRATION OF PARLIAMENTARY ELECTORS".
2. Certain words omitted by Act 103 of 1956, s. 65.
3. Subs. by Act 2 of 1956, s., 11, for S. 14.
4. Subs. by Act 58 of 1958, s. 5, for" the 1st day of March" (w. e. f. 1- 1- 1959 ).
5. Added by Act 21 of 1989, s. 3 (w. e. f. 28- 3- 1989 ).
(c) is for the time being disqualified from voting under the provisions of any law relating to corrupt 1[ practices and other offences in connection with elections.
(2) The name of any person who becomes so disqualified after registration shall forthwith be struck off the electoral roll in which it is included: 2[ Provided that the name of any person struck off the electoral roll of a constituency by reason of a disqualification under clause (c) of sub- section (1) shall forthwith be re- instated in that roll if such disqualification is, during the period such roll is in force, removed under any law authorizing such removal.]