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Medchel Chemicals And ... vs Dr. D.C. Mallik And Ors. on 1 April, 1998
Azizan vs Matuk Lal Sahu on 28 November, 1893
Steel Build vs K. Mukund & Company on 25 October, 2001
R K Surendra Babu vs C Ashoka on 17 December, 2009
--------------------------- vs By Advs.Sri.K.S.Babu on 20 July, 2009

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Central Government Act
Section 258 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973
258. Power to stop proceedings in certain cases. In any summons- case instituted otherwise than upon complaint, a Magistrate of the first class or, with the previous sanction of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, any other Judicial Magistrate, may, for reasons to be recorded by him, stop the proceedings at any stage without pronouncing any judgment and where such stoppage of proceedings is made after the evidence of the principal witnesses has been recorded, pronounce a judgment of acquittal, and in any other case, release the accused, and such release shall have the effect of discharge.