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Bansal Mechanical Works Ltd. vs Commercial Tax Officer, ... on 3 May, 1996
T.I. And M. Sales Limited vs The State Of Tamil Nadu on 16 March, 1982
Associated Mechanical ... vs Commissioner Of Commercial ... on 9 January, 1986
Prateek Technocom Pvt. Ltd. vs Cto And Ors. on 31 March, 2006
T.I. & M. Sales Limited vs The State Of Tamil Nadu on 16 March, 1982

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[Section 14] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 14(iv) in The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
(iv) 1[ iron and steel, that is to say,-- (i) pig iron and cast iron including 8[ ingot moulds, bottom plates], iron scrap, cast scrap, cast iron scrap, runner scrap and iron skull scrap; (ii) steel semis (ingots, slabs, blooms and billets of all qualities, shapes and sizes); (iii) skelp bars, tin bars, sheet bars, hoe- bars and sleeper bars; (iv) steel bars (rounds, rods, squares, flats, octagons and hexagons, plain and ribbed or twisted, in coil form as well as straight lengths); (v) steel structurals (angles, joists, channels, tees, sheet piling sections, Z sections or any other rolled sections); (vi) sheets, hoops, strips and skelp, both black and galvanised, hot and cold rolled, plain and corrugated, in all qualities, in straight lengths and in coil form, as rolled and in rivetted condition; (vii) plates both plain and chequered in all qualities; (viii) discs, rings, forgings and steel castings; (ix) tool, alloy and special steels of any of the above categories; (x) steel melting scrap in all forms including steel skull, turnings and borings; (xi) steel tubes, both welded and seamless, of all diameters and lenghts, including tube fittings; (xii) tin- plates, both hot dipped and electrolytic and tinfree plates; (xiii) fish plate bars, bearing plate bars, crossing sleeper bars, fish plates, bearing plates, crossing sleepers and pressed steel sleepers, rails-- heavy and light crane rails; (xiv) wheels, tyres, axles and wheel sets; (xv) wire rods and wires-- rolled, drawn, galvanised, aluminised, tinned or coated such as by copper; (xvi) defectives, rejects, cuttings or end pieces of any of the above categories;]