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S.Tel Ltd. vs Uoi on 1 July, 2009
Bpl Mobile Cellular Limited And ... vs Telecom Regulatory Authority Of ... on 13 May, 2003

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Central Government Act
Section 11(1)(a) in The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997
(a) make recommendations, either suo motu or on a request from the licensor, on the following matters, namely:—
(i) need and timing for introduction of new service provider;
(ii) terms and conditions of licence to a service provider;
(iii) revocation of licence for non-compliance of terms and conditions of licence;
(iv) measures to facilitate competition and promote efficiency in the operation of telecommunication services so as to facilitate growth in such services;
(v) technological improvements in the services provided by the service providers;
(vi) type of equipment to be used by the service providers after inspection of equipment used in the network;
(vii) measures for the development of telecommunication technology and any other matter relatable to telecommunication industry in general;
(viii) efficient management of available spectrum;