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Honourable The Rajah Of Ramnad ... vs Gnanamuthu Bothagar on 8 April, 1921
Ks vs State on 13 July, 2012
Barla Rami Reddy And Ors. vs Government Of Andhra Pradesh Rep. ... on 21 April, 2008
R.M.P.V. Chockalingam Chettiar vs S. Palani Ambalam on 13 March, 1922
Mukkara Rudrappa Chetti vs The Karvetnagar Trust Estate, By ... on 13 March, 1946

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[Section 13] [Complete Act]
Central Government Act
Section 13(3) in The Land Acquisition Act, 1894
(3) Where any excess amount is proved to have been paid to any person as a result of the correction made under sub- section (1), the excess amount so paid shall be liable to be refunded and in the case of any default or refusal to pay, the same may be recovered as an arrear of land revenue.]