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Sreenath Travel Agency And Anr. vs Lt. Governor Of Delhi And Ors. on 7 July, 2003
Kartikram Kushaliram Dhimar And ... vs Chandragopal Ramlal Verma And ... on 7 July, 1997
Kartik Ram And Anr. vs Chandra Gopal And Ors. on 7 July, 1997
New India Assurance Co. Ltd vs Mahebubanbibi Wd/O Mahemudbeg ... on 8 March, 2001
National Insurance Co. Ltd. vs Baby Anjali And Ors. on 3 September, 2007

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Central Government Act
Section 2(32) in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1939
(32) " trailer" means any vehicle other than a side- car drawn or intended to be drawn by a motor vehicle;