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present petition has been filed under Section 482 CrPC, seeking quashing of complaint case, filed in the Court of Metropolitan ... stood thus, the appellants filed an application under Section 482 CrPC before the High Court alleging that the Magistrate concerned
Delhi High Court
- Cites 52 - Cited by 0 -
2008 CriLJ 1093
- V Gupta - Full Document
urged that the powers of this Court under Section 482 CrPC should not be used to quash the proceedings involving ... submitted that the power of this Court under Section 482 CrPC was wide and could be exercised "to secure
Delhi High Court
- Cites 75 - Cited by 0 - S Muralidhar - Full Document
seeking exercise of its inherent powers under Section 482 CRPC for quashing the FIR and the proceeding arising therefrom ... petition which the accusedrespondents had subsequently filed under Section 482 CrPC for setting aside the charges, and quashed the entire
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 11 - Cited by 6 -
1994 SCC (4) 142
- M M.K. - Full Document
respondents. 9. The scope of power under Section 482 CrPC has been explained in a series of decisions by this ... quash the same by exercising the powers under Section 482 CrPC which it has erroneously refused." 14. In the abovementioned
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 24 - Cited by 12 - M Sharma - Full Document
Haryana High Court allowing a petition under Section 482 CrPC filed by Shri B.R. Bajaj, IAS, Finance Secretary, Union ... Shri B.R. Bajaj filed a petition under Section 482 CrPC in the High Court against Union of India
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 15 - Cited by 47 -
1994 AIR 1256
- K J Reddy - Full Document
wife could be quashed under Section 482 CrPC on account of the fact that the offences complained of were ... quashing of the complaint or criminal proceedings under Section 482 CrPC as also Article 226 of the 3 Constitution. Pointing
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 35 - Cited by 14 - A Kabir - Full Document
least in our appreciation of the law, Section 482 of the CrPC stands in solitary splendour. It saves the inherent ... ends of justice. In our analysis, Section 482 of the CrPC has not been given its due regard and importance
Delhi High Court
- Cites 30 - Cited by 2 - V Sen - Full Document
further observed, “The ultimate exercise of discretion under Section 482 CrPC or under Article 226 of the Constitution is with ... High Court had exercised its jurisdiction under Section 482 CrPC legally and correctly.” Then in paragraphs
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 80 - Cited by 0 - R Lodha - Full Document
CrLR (SC) 69; and submitted that powers under sec.482 CrPC can be exercised in cases where there ... aforesaid three decisions." 13)So, inherent powers under sec.482 CrPC can not be exercised when there is specific provision
Rajasthan High Court - Jodhpur
- Cites 33 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
with Section 401of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) are directed against order on charge dated 8th April ... Constitution of India or Section 482 CrPC to entertain a petition challenging an interlocutory order of the Special Court under
Delhi High Court
- Cites 105 - Cited by 39 - S Muralidhar - Full Document
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