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Indian Penal Code 471. Using as genuine a forged 1[document or electronic record].—Whoever fraudulently or dishonestly uses ... reason to believe to be a forged 1[document or electronic record], shall be punished in the same manner
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 17915
Section 470 in The Indian Penal Code 470. Forged 1[document or electronic record].—A false 1[document or electronic ... part by forgery is designated “a forged 1[document or electronic record
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 463
Code (45 of 1860 ). (l) A dishonestly uses a forged document as genuine evidence, in order to convict
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 129
attracted. For s. 471 it is necessary that the forged document is 'used' by the accused 'dishonestly' and 'fraudulently'. Even ... course of his evidence and he has used these forged documents as genuine". This application was rejected on November
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 22 - Cited by 54 -
1966 AIR 523
- Hidayatullah - Full Document
sada deed of exchange referred to above was a forged document and had been brought into existence to support ... using it knowing it to be a forged document. On a complaint having been filed accordingly, the petitioner was committed
Patna High Court
- Cites 15 - Cited by 68 -
AIR 1956 Pat 154
- Misra - Full Document
claim before Settlement Officer--If amounts to use of forged document as genuine--Complaint by Settlement Officer, if required--Code ... what was produced before him was not the original forged document but a copy of it. It was clear from
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 13 - Cited by 18 - Full Document
means, by abusing the position as a public servant, forged signatures of PW10 in Exhibit P4-passport, affixed the seal ... would have been used by first accused for forging the document since the forgery will be easily detected
Kerala High Court
- Cites 26 - Cited by 3 - Full Document
precincts of the Court, If the document was forged outside the precincts of the Court and then produced ... prosecution, converse 6f that i.e. when the document is forged outside the court and then produced, court shall have
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 63 - Cited by 1 -
(1999) 122 PLR 766
- V Bali - Full Document
issued by Treasury Officer, Sagar, on the basis of forged PPOs and descriptive rolls account open in the name ... basis of the forged descriptive roll in fake names as questioned documents. 9. The report of Government Examiner revealed that
Patna High Court
- Cites 25 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
document, include her Will, G.P.A. and DDA documents in my name through sub-registrar office.‖ 2.6. On 12th ... filed the petition containing false averments and based on forged documents. The learned amicus curiae, Dr. Arun Mohan has also
Delhi High Court
- Cites 66 - Cited by 0 - J Midha - Full Document
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