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Madras High Court T.Amuthan Anthony vs C.S.Balakrishnan on 5 November, 2014 IN
Madras High Court
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date of the sale deed. The patta, chitta adangal etc. stands in the name of the defendants. The defendants ... entry in chitta and adangal could be identified only with the records and he did not refer or peruse those
Madras High Court
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claimed by the petitioner that the Patta, Chitta, Adangal, FMB sketch and all other records stood mutated in the name ... mutated the revenue records and obtained patta, chitta and adangal extract in their name. According to the counsel
Madras High Court
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Krishnamurthy Iyer, Ex. B. 2 certified copy of adangal account of 103, Vadakku Mangudi village for Fasli ... certified copy of adangal account of Phnmainda Nallur Village and Mela Semmangudi village for Fasli 1385, Ex. B.8, copy
Madras High Court
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(1987) 2 MLJ 351
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done by the Mandal Revenue Officer, Bommuru and the Adangals also show the possession and enjoyment of the petitioners ... these survey numbers are continuing in the No. 3 Adangal of Hukumpet village only and are not found
Andhra High Court
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2007 (3) ALT 225
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than forty years, without any hindrance. The chitta and adangal, in respect of the suit properties, are with the defendant ... enjoyment of the defendants. Copies of the adangal has been marked as Exs.B-5 to B-17. The adangal
Madras High Court
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recollected that they had already obtained two documents namely, Adangal Extracts for the suit property S.No.937/3A relating ... fasli 1370) and Adangal Extract for S.No.937/4B relating to 1961 (fasli 1370) and those documents would support
Madras High Court
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suit schedule property and granted her No. 2 Adangal. Hence, the plaintiff perfected her title by way of adverse possession ... complained to the authorities about her highhanded acts. The Adangal filed by her in the suit do not relate
Andhra High Court
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AIR 2005 AP 69
- E D Rao - Full Document
entered in all the revenue records like patta, chitta, adangal and he had been paying the property ... issued in his favour and thereafter patta, chitta and adangal were also issued, as a result, the petitioner's father
Madras High Court
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times which is supported by the entry in the Adangal of 'Seshachellam Chetty (plaintiff) and others', is invalid and cannot ... recognized." The Adangal (Exhibit G) is described as the village account of lands held in the village according to Survey
Madras High Court
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(1917) 32 MLJ 1
- J Wallis - Full Document
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