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considered un-communicated adverse remarks recorded in the Annual Confidential Report without informing him that the same were being relied ... Learned counsel emphasized that none of the four Annual Confidential Reports mentioned in paragraph 30 of the impugned order were
Supreme Court of India
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interest. 9. On procedure as regards recording of annual confidential reports, it is stated by the High Court that ... High Court has its own procedure of recording annual confidential reports of judicial officers, which is uniformally followed in cases
Delhi High Court
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with category of Specialists- Government action whether valid. Annual Confidential Report-Initiated by an officer who is junior and also ... Departmental Promotion Committee was perfectly valid. The annual confidential reports which were written by the junior officer who was working
Supreme Court of India
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submitted that the Selection Board also considered the Annual Confidential Report of the petitioner for 1986-87 where presumably ... that there was no adverse entry in the Annual Confidential Report of the petitioner of the year
Delhi High Court
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Committee after going through the ACR/ dossier and performance report recommended confirmation of the petitioner. In February ... which form part of the petitioner's Annual Confidential Report and which are as follows: "Brief Resume of work done
Calcutta High Court
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been in force a system of writing annual confidential reports. Since 1974 or 1975 a system of assignment appraisal ... performance appraisal. The ola system of writing of annual confidential reports was substituted by a new and more open
Supreme Court of India
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have any adverse remarks in the Annual Confidential Reports. What was required under the rule was consideration of the cases ... adverse remarks in the last 3 annual Confidential Reports of the concerned Court Officers. Instead of following the rule, which
Karnataka High Court
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petitioner, being the Commanding Officer, he spoiled the Annual Confidential Report of the petitioner for the year ... time about the aforesaid adverse entries in his Annual Confidential Report for the year 1993 only in the month
Delhi High Court
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line as Tehsildar and Naib-Tehsildar and annual confidential reports recorded by their superior officers. Much fault cannot be found ... done fairly so far as the assessment of annual confidential reports etc. are concerned. 16. Although it was decided that
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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relying upon down-graded and non-communicated annual confidential reports for brevity referred to as ACR, of the years ... ground that the down graded entries of Annual Confidential Report which were non-communicated, were considered by the high level
Kolkata High Court (Appellete Side)
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