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divide their respective shares therein, but the female Class-I heir, like unmarried or widow or deserted or separated daughter ... partition it or part with possession, the female Class-I heirs are kept at a bay to claim partition except
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 21 - Cited by 36 -
1996 AIR 1826
- K Ramaswamy - Full Document
heirs in the Schedule, distribution of property among heirs of class I and Class II, the order of succession among ... plaintiff and the second defendant are Class II heirs of Peria Ramana. They are, therefore, entitled to a decree
Madras High Court
- Cites 13 - Cited by 2 -
AIR 1978 Mad 285
- Veeraswami - Full Document
mentioned as an heir under class I of the Schedule, and, therefore, he could not get any right ... possible when the Schedule indicates heirs in class I and only includes son and does not include
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 17 - Cited by 52 -
1986 AIR 1753
- S Mukharji - Full Document
Over-Lapping in Class-I and Class-II Heirs, Need for Reconciliation 13 4. Father - Need for Relocation ... Schedule. 6. REVISION OF CLASS-I HEIRS Class I heirs in the Schedule contain a large list of successors, going
Law Commission Report
- Cites 11 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
heirs" meaning of-Testator whether created an artificial class of heirs-Term heirs used in a will-How construed ... sonless and at no other; (3) that this class of heirs of the testator was to be ascertained
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 7 - Cited by 151 -
1979 AIR 1298
- R S Sarkaria - Full Document
Under s. 8, there arc two classes of heirs mentioned in the Schedule to the Act. In Class 11 there ... intention was to give preference among the heirs in Class 11 according to Arabic numerals treating such numerical item
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 6 - Cited by 5 -
1970 AIR 1714
- A Grover - Full Document
father, Parmeshwar Paswan. Admittedly, the mother, who was Class 1 heir under Section 8 of the Hindu Succession ... record, despite the exclusion of the Class I heirs, no question of abatement would arise. Instead he took the alternative
Patna High Court
- Cites 15 - Cited by 3 -
AIR 1987 Pat 239
- S Sandhawalia - Full Document
Schedule; secondly, if there is no heir of Class I, then upon the heirs specified in Class ... widow and children (Class I heirs) and his father (Chattar Singh - the appellant) who is a Class II heir
Delhi High Court
- Cites 21 - Cited by 3 - B D Ahmed - Full Document
four daughters. Under the Hindu Succession Act, as Class I heirs the four daughters and the widow share the properties ... heirs. The law which provides for inheritance by co-heirs under Class I limits the freedom of disposal of immoveable
Madras High Court
- Cites 10 - Cited by 1 -
(1970) 1 MLJ 358
- M Natesan - Full Document
sisters of Amrit. Holding that there are no heirs in Class I in the Schedule to the Hindu Succession ... found that the plaintiff and the defendant were Class II heirs who fell in Entry No. IV Relying
Bombay High Court
- Cites 17 - Cited by 1 -
AIR 1984 Bom 208
- Chandurkar - Full Document
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