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that the transfer of minor's interest by a defacto guardian / manager having been made in violation of the express ... sale agreement in this case was not by a defacto guardian / defacto manager and the sale agreement
Madras High Court
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born subsequently. The father of the plaintiffs was the defacto guardian for the minors. As per the terms ... share in the 'A'-Schedule property. The father and defacto guardian of the minors, without any necessity
Madras High Court
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(2003) 1 MLJ 56
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Court is not required. 4.Even as a defacto guardian, the mother has got the authority to sell the property ... that the alienation of minor's property by a defacto guardian, being against the statutory prohibition (under Section
Madras High Court
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said Act, any transaction made by defacto guardian is void and under the said legal circumstances ... Court has held that a sale made by a defacto guardian is in contravention of Section 11 of the Hindu
Madras High Court
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ground of his or her being the defacto guardian of the minor. Since Kameshwar's father was alive he (father ... Rameshwar re-presenting the minor only acted as a defacto guardian. As Section 11 of the Act provides
Patna High Court
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1968 (16) BLJR 898
- H Mahapatra - Full Document
submitted that transfer of minor's interest by a defacto guardian is per se invalid and such transferee does ... Hindu minor on the ground of his being the defacto guardian of such minor. Any alienation by a defacto guardian
Karnataka High Court
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AIR 2007 Kant 105
- S B Adi - Full Document
Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act a person acting as guardian defacto is not entitled to make transfer of the interest ... person, simply on the ground of being a defacto guardian cannot deaf with the property of the minor. Every expression
Karnataka High Court
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ILR 1995 KAR 440
- H N Tilhari - Full Document
document is void, since it is executed by the defacto guardian, the plaintiffs cannot simply ignore the same. The lower ... could be said that the deed executed by the defacto guardian is a void document, it is the option
Kerala High Court
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legal position that Mohmmodan mother is only a defacto guardian and had no right to sell the share ... view of the matter, she will be nothing but defacto guardian. It is not the case of the either party
Patna High Court
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being received by her brother Ravindrakumar, acting as the defacto guardian of Ratnakumari.K.K. Later, Athmarajan, another brother ... sought to be authorised as the defacto guardian. It would appear that Ratnakumari.K.K. filed
Kerala High Court
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