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case (1948) 75 I.A. 62. VI. By family settlements (...) We shall deal with each of these cases briefly, paying ... indeterminate duration or, in ordinary parlance, for every. Now hiba in Mohammaden law is a transfer of the corpus. Hence
Madras High Court
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defendant executed Ex.A1-the settlement deed dated 19.6.1972 (Hiba) in favour of his the then minor ... settlement deed, strictly in accordance with the principles enshrined in Muslim Law relating to 'Hiba'. (iii) The recitals
Madras High Court
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person is in the death-bed, executing gift settlement deed (Hiba), it will bind only 1/3 of properties, after ... herein and as per Ex.B2, Gift Settlement Deed (Hiba), out of 3.25 acres of land
Madras High Court
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petitioner have executed a registered Gift Settlement Deed (Hiba) in favour of the petitioner, on the file of Sub-Registrar
Madras High Court
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defendants 7 and 8, to the following effect:- The hiba dated 19.3.1931 is not a valid document ... defendant filed a written statement stating that the settlement deed In favour of the 6th defendant and others
Madras High Court
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plaintiff in accordance with law and the said settlement deed was not accepted by the trial Court, however ... forth by the plaintiff either for an oral gift (Hiba) or for the compliance of the requisites of a gift
Madras High Court
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They also claimed that under a family settlement plaintiff made oral Hiba (gift) of the suit property to his late ... become owner of suit property by way of family settlement? (OPD) 4. Whether defendant become the owner of suit property
Delhi District Court
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Hiba of the disputed property in favour of his younger brother i.e. Mohd.Ismail by a family settlement ... defendants was that pursuant to family settlement an oral Hiba had been executed by the plaintiff in their favour. This
Delhi High Court
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settlement deed in favour of her son Sultan Maracair. Sultan Maracair transferred the property to the plaintiffs by oral hiba ... ordinate Judge, Mayuram, who recorded a finding that hiba was valid. The said finding was upheld by the lower appellate
Supreme Court of India
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gift deed there was a hiba-bil-iwas or hiba. Now, it is necessary for me to state the facts ... present case the settlement deed Ex. B 1 is only a hiba-bil-iwaz, the consideration thereof being the agreement
Madras High Court
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