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Criminal Procedure, 1973 173. Report of police officer on completion of investigation. (1) Every investigation under this Chapter shall ... forwarded to the Magistrate and, where upon such investigation, the officer in charge of the police station obtains further evidence
Central Government Act
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handed over to the Revenue Divisional Officer by the Investigation officer in Dharmapuri Police Station Crime No. 1221 /2004 ... over. After enquiry by the Revenue Divisional Officer, the investigation officer in Crime No. 1221/2004 can investigate the case
Madras High Court
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verification of membership. The Industrial Court appointed an Investigation Officer and directed him to B verify membership of respondent ... months, immediately preceding the month of September, 2003. The Investigation Officer submitted report on 26th October
Bombay High Court
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counsel for the appellants strenuously contends that except the Investigation Officer, all the prosecution witnesses examined by prosecution have turned ... Sessions Judge by solely relying upon the evidence of Investigation Officer with regard to recovery of some articles
Karnataka High Court
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investigation had already been over. Even if the investigation officer had signed the charge-sheet on 6-5-1981 before ... duties, one on the Court and another on the investigation officer. As per the first part of this sub-section
Madras High Court
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learned APP, absconding and despite efforts by the investigation officer, has not been available for investigation process/for recording statement ... threshold or amidst the investigation process. 7.1 The investigation officer is still gathering the details and material
Gujarat High Court
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report on the basis of the Affidavit of the Investigation Officer shows that the offence committed by the Organized Crime ... have called for a further detailed Affidavit of the investigation officer in this case, viz., Shri S. Balasubramony, Dy. Superintendent
Bombay High Court
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which were handed over by the doctor. On 20.02.2002, Investigation Officer Mr R.K. Budhiraja recorded statement of one Kanhaiya ... truck as they wanted to go to Palwal. Investigation Officer started search of accused persons. On 25.02.2002, on the basis
Delhi High Court
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respondent through its counsel and Central Excise Consultant. The Investigation Officer Mr.Kalyanapasupathy was also present before the second respondent ... presence of Mr.Kalyanapasupathy. According to them, the Investigation Officer would influence and intimidate the witnesses. The second respondent rejected
Madras High Court
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Police Station or the superior officers. Upon conducting investigation, the officer-in-charge of Police Station or the superior officer ... evidence or reasonable ground of suspicion. After conducting investigation, the officer-in-charge of police station or superior officer shall
Andhra High Court
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1998 (4) ALD 599
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