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means under section 2 [7], the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code, 1954. (8) Section 38, the Interpretation of which ... relevant for consideration is the Madhya Pradesh land Revenue code and it is the provision of the code which
Bombay High Court
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property-" Right, title and interest of defaulter Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879 (Bom. V of 1879), s. 55. HEADNOTE ... sale under s. 155 of the Bombay Land Revenue Code, and purchased at auction by the first respondent. This sale
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 18 - Cited by 49 - Full Document
means a Revenue Officer as defined in Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966.” [Vide Gujarat ... which is capable of being used for movement on land and includes a cart, trolly vehicle and a trailor
Central Government Act
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There could be no doubt that the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879, was the existing law relating to land tenures ... meaning assigned to them in the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879, and the Transfer of Property
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 51 - Cited by 155 - Full Document
provisions of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966, the Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Lands (Vidharbha Region) Act, 1958 the Hyderabad ... that inspite of section 36 (2) Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966, and analogous provisions in the earlier Land Revenue Laws
Supreme Court of India
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emption, whether it is a fraud, Berar Land Revenue Code, 1928. HEADNOTE: The vendors executed an agreement for sale ... respondent Sridhar under the provisions of the Berar Land Revenue Code, 1928, and (2) whether the appellant was guilty
Supreme Court of India
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Constitution of India 1950, Bombay Land Revenue Code 1879 & Bombay Land Revenue Rules 1921-Allotment and grant of cultivation ... augmenting the land revenue, and for the purpose of revenue administration under this Code, if any disposal is made
Supreme Court of India
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Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code , 1954 HEADNOTE: Respondents are the ex-proprietors, and occupants of the agricultural lands within their ... Rights Act, 1980 or by the M.P. Land Revenue Code, 1954 and (c) the State Government was not. competent
Supreme Court of India
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respectively of the Bombay Land Revenue Code. The petitioners on both the cases are parties to decrees passed by Civil ... Code. The Bombay Land Revenue Code is a complete code providing for all matters regarding land revenue and work connected
Bombay High Court
- Cites 8 - Cited by 21 - Full Document
powers under Section 211 of the Land Revenue Code, and once that is done, it cannot be revived ... vested in it under Section 211 of the Land Revenue Code for setting aside the order dated
Gujarat High Court
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