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Assistant Accounts Officer was appointed as the Presenting Officer vide order dated 28.10.1997 of the 4th respondent. The Enquiry Officer ... that even though it is not open to the presenting Officer to question the applicant, he was permitted
Central Administrative Tribunal - Hyderabad
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petitioner's request on the ground that the Presenting Officer is not a legal practitioner and that the Departmental Enquiry ... charge by the petitioner, the Inquiry Officer and the Presenting Officer were appointed to go into the charges. Though
Madras High Court
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whereby it has been held that if the Presenting Officer is not appointed and if the inquiry officer ... been held by Labour Court, Baroda that because of Presenting Officer has not been appointed by petitioner, departmental inquiry
Gujarat High Court
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dubbing, editing, etc. The petitioner was the Loan Administrative Officer for the above loan and was fully responsible ... since the margin money cheques were not at all presented for enchashment. (vii) The petitioner failed to note that
Madras High Court
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complaining that the Accounts Officer acted as the Presenting Officer of the Management, while he was transferred ... School, Fort. The appointment of Accounts Officer as the Presenting Officer in the enquiry also was assailed in the said
Madras High Court
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Shri M.A. Krishnan, Ex-Accounts Officer ALTTC Ghaziabad has filed present application under Section 19 of Administrative Tribunal ... Inquiry Officer as well as Presenting Officer were appointed vide order dated 22.7.1997. The applicant did not submit his defence
Central Administrative Tribunal - Bangalore
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management ten witnesses were examined. As there was no Presenting Officer appointed on behalf of the respondent the Enquiry Officer ... himself conducted the enquiry. In the absence of a Presenting Officer he has acted as a Prosecutor also, by examining
Karnataka High Court
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Managing Director appointed Enquiry Officer vide order dated 20.12.1999. Presenting Officer was also appointed vide same order ... Haridas, AM was appointed as Presenting Officer in place of Mr. R. K. Sood vide order dated 07.02.2000. This order
Delhi District Court
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there was no dispute amongst the petitioner and the Presenting Officer that no separate findings are required to be recorded ... must follow the findings recorded in Article IV. The Presenting Officer as also Shri Vats, the learned counsel
Delhi High Court
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after recording the statement of one Mr.Chandrasekaran, Presenting Officer on 24.6.1998, the prosecution side was closed. f) The Presenting ... Enquiry Officer did not affirm the statement of the Presenting Officer by putting his signature. It is stated that
Madras High Court
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