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Revenue Officer cancelling the Community Certificate, Migration Certificate and Residential Certificate issued in respect of the respective petitioners. The reason ... discontinuance of the existing procedure of obtaining residential certificate from the Tahsildar concerned in the new District and for obtaining
Madras High Court
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Union Territory of Puducherry, any person claiming residential certificate should comply the actual and physical residence, but mere possession ... Mahe have issued the present impugned order restricting the residential certificate only for three years is going contrary
Madras High Court
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Madras High Court S.Dhivagar vs The Director on 19 January, 2011 IN THE HIGH
Madras High Court
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admitted that she recommended for issue of residential certificate which is irregular, when the certificate holder was not actually residing ... Certificate, but forwarded the application for issuance of only residential certificate, which would prove that the petitioner has exercised
Madras High Court
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obtained birth certificate on 4th May, 1994, and residential certificate issued by the 1st respondent on 26th May, 1994. According ... appellant, while placed reliance on birth certificate and residential certificate, referred to the provisions of reservation as mentioned
Madras High Court
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Revenue Authorities and more so, a previous residential certificate issued by the fourth respondent, all these documents, the fourth respondent ... cannot simply brush aside, more particularly his own previous residential certificate issued in favour of the petitioner certifying that
Madras High Court
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effect that the Community Certificate should be issued based only on the residential status of the applicant's father ... issue of Scheduled Caste certificate should be decided based on the residential status of applicant's father on the crucial
Madras High Court
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valid till 13.07.2012. He was registered and a registration certificate / residential permit was issued to him. A Look Out Circular ... entitled to receive from the said officer a certificate of registration in Part III of Form A: 19.Therefore
Madras High Court
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Madras High Court M.Radheshyamlal : vs Mrs.V.Sandhya on 25 April, 2014 IN THE
Madras High Court
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received a letter on 03.5.2002 to produce a Residential Certificate. She accordingly produced a Service Certificate about her father ... accordingly. Once again, she was asked to produce a Residential Certificate for having lived in Puducherry State for five years
Madras High Court
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