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paramount ruler owning certain private properties called Sarf-e-khas. On surrendering his paramountcy and acceding to the Union ... lieu of his previous income from the Sarf-e-khas, and (c) Rs.25 lakhs for the upkeep of palaces
Supreme Court of India
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Police Act ion took place and the Sarf-e-Khas were abolished and merged in Diwani with effect from ... Sarf-e-Khas (Merger) Regulations 1358-I (Regulation No. KL 1 of 1358). Section 4 of Regulation provides that
Andhra High Court
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Records the Collector, Baghat District on behalf of Sarf-e-khas Mubarak, the Collector, Atrafe Badla District the Deputy Montamim ... boundaries of Khairatabad village. Khairatabad was a sarf-e-khas village, whereas Gagan Mahal was a Khalsa or a Diwani
Andhra High Court
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this court in Trustees of Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-khas Trust v. CIT [1962] 44 ITR 332. Therefore, having regard ... this court in Trustees of Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-khas Trust v. CIT [1962] 44 ITR 332 is pending
Andhra High Court
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June 14, 1950, a trust called Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-khas Trust was created by H. E. M. the Nizam ... Hyderabad known as Sahebzadas and Sahebazadis of Sarf-e-khas by sanctioning monthly allowances in favour of such descendants
Andhra High Court
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held to be valid by the then Sarf-e-khas Committee as early as in 1350 Fasli. Thereafter, the order ... Sarf-e-khas Committee was implemented. The predecessor-in-title of the respondents-writ petitioners i.e. Hakim Mustafa Hussain
Andhra High Court
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transferred from Khalsa or revenue charged land, to "Sarf-e-Khas" (the Ruler's private Jagir). The lease, according ... given by the officer-in-charge of the Sarf-e-Khas, Forest Department, who could exercise the powers
Madhya Pradesh High Court
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Nizam of Hyderabad had a jagir, known as Sarf-e-khas
Andhra High Court
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private property i.e. it was a Sarf-e-khas village. 34. After merger of Sarf-e-khas land with ... Government under Sarf-e-khas Merger Regulation of 1358F, the entire property of Nizam became a part of the Indian
Andhra High Court
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situated in Survey Nos. 65 and 66, Amberpet Sarf-E-Khas, now called Azamabad Industrial Area, Hyderabad. 2. The case ... situated in Survey Nos. 65 and 66 Amberpet Sarf-E-Khas, Hyderabad. They purchased the same under a registered sale
Andhra High Court
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