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gender equality'; and to prevent sexual harassment of working women in all work places through judicial process, to fill ... check the evil of sexual harassment of working women at all work places, the contents of International Conventions and norms
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 16 - Cited by 188 - Verma - Full Document
complaint committee appointed for prevention of sexual harassment at work place. The authority decided to hold a preliminary hearing ... equality and guarantee against sexual harassment and abuse, more particularly against sexual harassment at work places, we lay down
Kolkata High Court (Appellete Side)
- Cites 4 - Cited by 0 - S.P.Talukdar - Full Document
Court while dealing with cases of sexual harassment at the place of work of female employees. The High Court ... provide for specific protection of woman from sexual harassment at places of work and that enactment of such a legislation
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 12 - Cited by 219 - D Anand - Full Document
delinquent was guilty for the act of "sexual harassment" in the work place against the complainant and as such ... ignoring such sexual harassment. This only goes to show that the alleged sexual harassment never took place. The alleged complaint
Madras High Court
- Cites 11 - Cited by 1 - Full Document
Apex Court noticed that incidents of sexual harassment in work places result in violation of fundamental right "Gender Equality ... gender equality and to prevent sexual harassment of working women in all work places. It was found necessary that
Kerala High Court
- Cites 5 - Cited by 1 - Full Document
reference of the complaint of sexual harassment at this stage to the Sexual Harassment Committee, after having belittled the same ... Vishaka, the Parliament enacted "The Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal
Madras High Court
- Cites 21 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
harassment at work places, we lay down the guidelines and norms specified hereinafter for due observance at all work places ... sexual harassment by taking all steps required. 2. Definition : 11 For this purpose, sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined
Orissa High Court
- Cites 10 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
Orissa High Court Management Of Dav Public vs Unknown on 27 June, 2011 M.M
Orissa High Court
- Cites 18 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
prevent sexual harassment (page 37 3. D. - Appropriate work conditions should be provided in respect of work, leisure, health ... Sexual Harassment Committee rather she kept on raising various questions/issues which were not in preview of Sexual Harassment Committee
Delhi High Court
- Cites 16 - Cited by 0 - S Muralidhar - Full Document
institution, which failed to prevent sexual harassment at the working place in their institutions. If that be so, no writ ... case, to the effect that sexual harassment of working woman at work place amounts to violation of rights of gender
Bombay High Court
- Cites 67 - Cited by 0 - N Dabholkar - Full Document
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