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Karnataka High Court
Mustak Ahmad S/O Abdul Rehman @ ... vs Parvathi D/O Singe Gowda on 10 September, 2008
Author: A.N.Venugopala Gowda
m 'mg: ir~ii¢;"§'i~i (fit;)i_.i'i%i".1' ()2? i{Air-&.E\iA'i'AK;3., BAN :}Au:3;e}:j:%.'_T'~v.V,

I)A'i'i:§D'1"HiS'i"HE3 mm may am Si1:i--'>'§'§i§f\i1.i:§}j:.§.{;----:z('ii;IS~7f ' 

PR§.'3SEZN'i'   -

'I'1~ii~3; Hc_>m3i,i¥; MR. .1us;='m:r+':§:r§:i:{;«:*3T§r-Ai;A_V'i;.§f;\§3

REGULAR SE(3ON"i'} A1>;>1ai;a:;";:siQ.3%44.g  ¢§:§;:<}v 
BETWEEN :  ' ' :

SR1. MUSTAK AHMAD S/O AB'DrJL'--:§E;m»iA'14T.';%  ' _
@HAKJN AHMED JAN '- _  1  
MAJOR', NO.138'?', m'--c:Ross"'  - 
KABEK ROAD, ivi13P4i}i.§v'iI.--}i~iP;:l,iJ\, _
rmrsusegc. '  . . 2 


{BY 31%;: $§H"ff'}*ii§é.¢$ 3§ '§~2§:;m 1::'is;.:f§a m«;;<;:~.1;n::, AD'».fS.}
AND : . . I, . .
1 }'A_§€VA'E;Eii ;}ji;:V§ai1§:<3E'L}uwL)A
.2523 YEARS, E%2~j.._.é~. 352.;-.Qe:2LA

~ , " 't«sA:x:;m :;;s"1"=;'-'<:<3':',

I   Sie;.:"F3Ai<AjméisHA Sit") SiN(§§£ GOW 1:25

A '-:23 Y£«;;*&s.§32g<3,'?:::2;A BELAGQLA
 S:-:2 I"?A.N{3.£iPA'E'NA 'F&LUK
'MANBYA DiS"'{'Ri('f'.'i'.

  , _ sre;'."'S:$~s<3r; <3<;:w3_>A

 --!é&AJ<i)R, Rm BELAGOLA

{BY SE31: '1' N RAGHUPATHY F{}R R1852}


'FEES RSA ES ;<'1L:<:£; Ui\ii}§:Zi< $:::::'1'1-:;:~: 10:3»  
AGA1NS'i'THE JUD{§£\:§i%:N'i" M33: :3:::::;2z:;:+; gm'; 19.é.<:»:5 §+'1,§_Ss:g:Q iivz"  k
R.A.NQ.§(.};i)i <35: 'rm: §'<'ii..E GE' 'i'i-::s;__3;,:;1j;L. «j::::'<;i"::;--ii;;v:?;Vi;;:sT:,:gg:..V 
[SR.DE\E'§, SRiRAN€}Ai3A"E'NA, ALLOWZNQ  ;.@;~';f§3iéi5;s;«,_ 
SETTENG ASEDE "ram aumsmzmfi' AND "g:__3:c;§}3;;::  '1z;';g:"~..

PASSES in O.S.N('}.41,f98 ON '1'H£c:'T}4*i'--:3;: <3?'-'v3*HEVc;Ta{1L§;a;v;J.>V;}E
(JR.z3N;, Si€IF2AN<;iAFA'1'NA.   "   '

This Reglnar S6cofi( 1_.}§;ppe§r-:j«0n tt)rAAh§:aI'§.ng
this day, the Ceurt dciiiverred  

% %     * 
This   in the trial (X21111.
Respondéixtsr I . V  were the mainfjflés.

Respondent V1\i:)..V3.,I1xer_éVi}1  the film' defendant in the

%mxuéz%s ' of convenience, the parties wiil be 'L..Ab__.Vvre1i::I9r<§¢i"A«t0 h{:if¢ii3atter, as per their rank in the: trial " ' "Suit was flied by the plaintjjis against deikmdarzt. 1 § purchaser of the plaint scixerzixia pmperty and _;f;}'efendant No.2, thfzir tamer, for the reiifi that, they are /L.

entitled ta 2 131*' share in the plagint scheduie and that the sake in so far as their share of'__:2"/":§.i";c'§~ A4 cesncemeci, is void afld not binding 013. them--»ai:{i .a " paxfifion and separaie: possession by metés ¥f";.:>{1=t1zi_s; .' in respect of their" 2/ 3m sharef _V

4. The suit. was .go11tc:5§f.:3fi_ -- 1.5"' '(ieEt2:'i'r_ia13t» purchaserk Based on iihfé géitza-:iiit1gs__'{)'§T f"iEf];f2'.f§)£§.?ti£§S, the": trial Court raised«'th¢.ibil0wj1ig;3.17sSf1ik%;S.u % '

1. ;§:iz§i§r;tiji§VVVVV;:5r<>ve the 3ii.€1'lati()f1 iixaéicz by in favour of the IS' defEé;:§ie;1:1{ 4reg'Lstere<i saie (iced dated F, "H17; is not binding on their share? ~ 2. the plaintiff proves that the sale made bf ciefenéant is not for the famiiy .. , _3. Whether 'the: suii: is net maintainabie for paI't.ia.i partition?

4. Whether the $1.11? uni" the piaintifi" is barred Lmcier the 8}"§(Ii€S of 1i1}1iI'".a.ti{)I1"'.-L' ./..

1. Whether ma piaintifis prove that tf1¢f'"- ' ' H' 'V V suit scheduie property is a j0i.m:':: 'M fiamiiy pmperty piaintiffs and ilmi defa13e:i'ant_f.é* .. . Whather the gigzjgifzgz that, the piaim"jII_'$_:""-.5311-s:i\_ sé'c.m_c: defentlant in -«._;;r.§é.':=:<:ssi0n and enjoyment of tf1e s}L1it ['s§f§;r§_(i.uie propgrtiy:-?. _ . " '- pr{>ve that, . --. +t31.A@uV"£=¥»1.icéiiz:f7fl:i<)i*1'.V I1' 1'af£{T(T: hgtf the second of the first t§i§§¥;V,f Vti1e:* saie made by the :2" v'--. (fil<*:fE:ndant was for family ncctitssity "<1e'i?:,:1Ci:3.Ii1~--:.' Llfiiiéf' "ii 1*e:gstered saie d¢E:<iV_'datf:d A1=j'?;"'i". 1982 is not binding ' 1 G13 théii" S-§T1£i.i.1'6?

the first daibndant proves a = and benatit?

Whether the W defendant further proves that the suit of the pkaintjfis is not majntainabie RI' gmrtiai /"

(:o§:vsi_s:i13g _Qf' - I. '4 parfifion and it is named by .' 'V iimitatiefi?

6. What order or decree?

27. in the light of the iinémgs 3 aforesaid points, the lower A1)p€il%1'i::(f',.V'§'3ti11']»I't é$ide the Judginent and iI)ecret§ (_:5OL%I'€ and has ciacreed the suit,. [fie €:}"H"i§¥.i€i(i for partitian igrci Shara: :3};

mates " $jv€:i'1t=:{i1T1i<=; p3"Op6::€.'¥,}«', which 560.54 of (":..P.{.:. "i'if1.c?: said J'udgIne1it"«,2§r1ciV i3:et:r<9§£:~i:s under chaiienge in this I. A' « ..... .. 'V 'V Whiie admitfing the appeal has me ,1;n:;§i'w§1g mlbstantial qzgestjons of law for H " " :v"€ic3r§Siderafi61i:

Whether the suit flied by the piaimiifi for partial paxtifian withtmt inciudirlg ail the joint famiiy properties and arraying Y} the /1 nlcnlbers ef the family is __ ' 9 maintamablc?

2. Whether the plajntjfi" hat: "

ever the emit propertgf? ' V' ' '

3. Whether the ap§:=§»g¢;ats.efi' evidence by ap§)é'i_iaé¢ ié"


9. i have '§_€)a1:1:"1e(5!'.i:t31m:IiS{é:j;~_ the appeiéaint and the 'iE:'jf._i'e~s>;:;;(>i"1§i::1§¥.s 1 and 2 and perused t3<§{é%'i'eC£§.itV¥:is. K :71 "

10. Léaximd' the appdiarlt by taking me thrcrgught tiieé of plaixafjifs 1 and 12 and in in vicw of the admission at' the efifect thaii the family of the V"plaint§f}$ gztossesses other items :31" pmperty ..t;f1¢;*e"ar:%: ether so-sharem, the sniii "being oniy in 'éf the property said in favour of ciafendant. No.1. T -- l;;§y""'(iaIkandant i\i0.'2, is not Iflai"I}Y£i.§.I]€3fl3l€. Learned fiaxznsel cittxi the ciecisioxa. of this ('j:s:)1,1r1:\in the case :31' /, S133}; 'i'UK;ARAiVi Vii. SR1 SANi.BHAJi 85 OHS. Rfipofifid in ILR 19'§8 KAi~'?..6&§1, and that of the fion'bi€: %§z.1p:'&:_nt: E30131": in the Cast: of KiE~.::;Ni;.:§~i E::1'.§<;_;xwi_)A }3}§}€:i:'.AS.,i:viD} BY 1,12;-:;,.';A;_, }%%i:;.i~'i<3%<;Si:a;i°~£'i"f3sfE'i'2sf';%%i:i€'§ 4 ' *§;%j;s:{ ~ $m::n_»:<3r_>'~.a: BA Amm :~.~*:<.';'1'i::<3:;m::._m~re:po;~.§«é§i '%%ir;i--'$,gié;:a%;; 4 SCC 294, wherein it. has been mega gm: pagfiai partition, when an the ii-.°=1.1*.r;.i§y' "::'2é:}t made subject mattef, 91" 316" 3101' 'c;:9-siia1*e2*s impleatied, is net

11. -Pér-- counsei for Respcmcieni: N'os.} _a;1d gfiadé s1,{b1i1issic>I}s in support of the 'fir::.§:lii3.g:s aractzrgied iawar appeiiate €;fio1.zrt and =.,_'ii'2 éa=?:_ ii.j'}e ifliiittfi' App£:ii.a1:e ('.>:)1,1:rt W¥"1iC§"1 is ' vestr-:=:..'i__ wi;i_~§1 '<j'..the j2,1:r'i:-:.c§i.c:t"§c>;.'1 of re~app:r'ec1:aI:ing iifiéi " " If'<__evide11cé,;.V__i§as appreciatc::r<:i the evidfincc 112 actcmriance anti has recercied its finding £2-aseri thervzzon and '»he:§Ce no interference is caiied 3:701". \1:CC{')I'diI}g to the Imr gand father. She has ciaimed mat; the s;z:iéf,_j " been med for share in aii the prepertias.

18. ¥'.W.i2 Chaluvegowda, is file piaintflfs. He has deposed Vjvgs bmthers Children; that gney inaj: t§i1'e_3;i::V'_t')r§);E;i1c:rs; that there is no partificil; brgthers; that they are living sefgiaxjateiy" :? _'a¥1ci liifzat the joint. falniiy ;'i£V?<_¥1(i';V deposed Iihati, he is E'€:Spf'.'.{?T. cat' the suit property. "'A_Hc it is incorrect. :0 st.a'te that he has suit SChC(iLl.§¥:": p1'o;)er1§:, He " "i1.a_s svf;§;i:9i:eg§._}.:i:1';;"§.t, a partritian in the year 19179-8i} {separate katta and after the ;3a3;13tioI1

-- the has constructed a house. He has also _aid,mit.1:ed: Vtiiiat, the 2m defendant consixucteci the IIOIESE 4-.ii'; j§".1<_:_ 198"?' and sold tws gimtas of land to the ist de:if::i1<:iant,? since he was; in need of f'u::1<*§s €91' Consfrucfian of me $101333. X /3-


14. From the evidence of P.Ws.} and it that, the joint 1331313' Qwns ether itmns of . which are mat made Silbjfiffft mattezgjef' t.h_r::" 'E'§'1',i'}'::T..":j!V1 "'¥} 'J£3.'.'V1 ma} Court. and in View of the a(in3.:sst§'i<>12'['«:':f*§:".'W:§'.3 if there are either chiidralz to <i6:ii==§1'fie:i.f;11t.V .n:§t: been §1"I}p§{i§F,1€ifi('i and i:11e__sz_11't: ug§§z:§1f:;§v':f"§g';¥\§'W2;:'7/;-.37' 0215}:

in respect of an item  in favour Q?'
defendant Nan}    'Jtyiai €;_LiQ11r$
having raisedr.    03' the:

suit on $16 @art:i.t:i0}:1 has hairi that the suit is .,Aagam<;-.t"me said finding, the lower dficreed the su:;t,. Since an issue " was answered by the ti:ri_ai C3e1._11't, there was ~ j -v'a;».Qb1iga%.iz2:z:1 on the part of the lower Appeliatf: Cmzrt to "h:a¥'€1"1'.ea'ssassefi the {':'£Si{T§ti%TiC€: with rzzegam' [0 the piera % "i;i'2a'j£.,,f$13.1"i: fez' partiai paar'£.:Ttj.oI1 IS mat me: tainabie: /5

16. in the case: of Kfinchegowcia, {s:;pi'a},;"wE§'u~f: H€)11'hi€: Suprema 'C(}'L11'T. has mzici as fmiawsz "EVCI3 otherwise Tilt? s;1:i§:f_ gg-_1"£*1j.1gi' ' partition in the a.i)st:n{:t=: G: A:iV:f:i_<fi'z_1_*$:(}11p€}:§ " <3thc~:1" joint f:am1i_'g iI11p1ear:im<ant (}3 'OT§.1fiI' §.";{$i%:s:if1;:.1j6:rs .' ' aarafi; net; waxranteci i:;}.z_ 17' . 1:1 tizsf: Casi: ~.,§f. ""¥'i;;k'éa5a1i1, {supra}, considexing 'iséixc i'fg..3.=§;*~a's' iiéiéi by this (:0m*t, as roiicmzé:

"'3ij:m: ,:n{;::::§;;m{'L;;i1';1:1 the jaint. fanliiy "}3r:)pefii"{3F:'$V " tiée instant. suit. mt' §a%éi;S;"'i1e<:essa1'}I and wi1:h<:mr. _ ----a_ii the 30111: famliiy prcspzzrties ' .. hatch-p<}t, tile: $1211. 10:' gfiffiiian at' 31-22 shares of the iizeintxérs unfit": the _§{7-1.11%; fzasmiiy in one prgyesty H wlrljtth mnmmts to pa:'i:1a_2 p.a1'1"_:'r10:n is not ma1'ntainabie."


34 is vceiti and not ininciing. Since t.h€~:: pia.imjfi$ have-: 1_":;_<:f;'t. mught pessess-10:1 of the $1111". property or 1:0 the 6Xi2€:fJi3" {)f their sham and mereiy claimifig the cici:{:ia:rat.i<)I:g,: A ' is not maintajnable.

22f). in View of 1':..'m=: ibmgoézlg, the s.1.i%¥;sf'fai1t:i;i"'~ q3..1€:s:.t.10n oi" iaw raised for c013si{i<:rat:nn;%a':1s;wez:rté(i as foiiows:

1} "i"'hc'~: _ r:?;1 1ia'a._iE iftfi ';:£_ié:«.:§:§aV2é1t;.1%'s iirtrr '?vL3L;:a;ft§§j<>n<V"£a%i'i:i":Q:;¥. mcn1r_"img ail jdizdi. I%am§.i')2$ anci €2£I'I'a}?i¥"1g as} the' *<::€:s---sh'a3f€:i*:s " the fami £31', is mat . 'énainfaiiiable. V :;2_j «;.§h::éL?1cr the piaintifis had any right «A property, is left apex: to be in appmpriate proceaciing, as " when a camprehensivtz suit for A ; appropr'1at.<=: reliefs is iilad.

3. The appreciatiorx :31' 6"£!"i€i€?EI}CiEi by the lower fippeiiate L':()1,::'*t. 1.3 pexvttrse, in that, it has met apprec1atm_ anti

8.SS€SS€';.(i t..':1:=: azinlissians cm the "§j!€§§"'§'.. at E /f?

ccmtemiiosas c:sfbm:31 parties are iefii. open far ac§3§'1::§~§:é;at.:;_%:;%:__ A' in apprnpriata przxteedirigs, :3}? "H16 C€)IZ1§}f:ttf:§'7:-'S ,£:§<*:»§..§.1$*¥:.:{ . Appeai stamig a_.E10we<'i acC0z'ii}r:g;£};".. %\zi;«.C0s_§¥:"» ' LI'