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Constituent Assembly Debates On 15 June, 1949 Part Ii
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Smt. Rajkumari Soni vs State Of Himachal Pradesh on 1 June, 1971
Ram Ratan Gupta vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh And ... on 18 October, 1973
State Of Uttar Pradesh vs Klshori Lal Minocha on 21 December, 1979
Hanuman Oil Mills And Ors. vs Union Of India And Anr. on 14 April, 1972
H.C. Sharma vs Life Insurance Corporation Of ... on 28 August, 1972

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Central Government Act
Article 299 in The Constitution Of India 1949
299. Contracts
(1) All contracts made in the exercise of the executive power of the Union or of a State shall be expressed to be made by the President, or by the Governor of the State, as the case may be, and all such contracts and all assurances of property made in the exercise of that power shall be executed on behalf of the President or the Governor by such persons and in such manner as he may direct or authorise
(2) Neither the President nor the Governor shall be personally liable in respect of any contract or assurance made or executed for the purposes of this Constitution, or for the purposes of any enactment relating to the Government of India heretofore in force, nor shall any person making or executing any such contract or assurance on behalf of any of them be personally liable in respect thereof