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Constituent Assembly Debates On 19 May, 1949 Part Ii
Constituent Assembly Debates On 16 October, 1949 Part Iii
Constituent Assembly Debates On 3 June, 1949 Part I
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P.V. Narasimha Rao vs State(Cbi/Spe) on 17 April, 1998
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Kanakaraj vs B.V. Sundararaja Iyer And Anr. on 1 March, 1967
P.V. Narsimha Rao vs State (Cbi/Spe) on 17 April, 1998

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Central Government Act
Article 105 in The Constitution Of India 1949
105. Powers, privileges, etc of the Houses of Parliament and of the members and committees thereof
(1) Subject to the provisions of this constitution and the rules and standing orders regulating the procedure of Parliament, there shall be freedom of speech in Parliament
(2) No member of Parliament shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by him in Parliament or any committee thereof, and no person shall be so liable in respect of the publication by or under the authority of either House of Parliament of any report, paper, votes or proceedings
(3) In other respects, the powers, privileges and immunities of each House of Parliament, and of the members and the committees of each House, shall be such as may from time to time be defined by Parliament by law, and, until so defined shall be those of that House and of its members and committees immediately before the coming into force of Section 15 of the Constitution (Forty fourth Amendment) Act 1978
(4) The provisions of clauses ( 1 ), ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) shall apply in relation to persons who by virtue of this constitution have the right to speak in, and otherwise to take part in the proceedings of, a House of Parliament or any committee thereof as they apply in relation to members of Parliament