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Central Government Act
Section 9 in The Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993
9. Contents of multimodal transport document.—The multimodal transport document shall contain the following particulars, namely:—
11 [(a) the general nature of the goods, the leading marks necessary for identification of the goods, the character of the goods (including dangerous goods), the number of packages or units and the gross weight and quantity of the goods as declared by the consignor;]
(b) apparent condition of the goods;
(c) the name and principal place of business of the multimodal transport operator;
(d) the name of the consignor;
(e) the name of the consignee, if specified by the consignor;
(f) the place and date of taking charge of the goods by the multimodal transport operator;
(g) the place of delivery of the goods;
12 [(h) the date or the period of delivery of the goods by the multimodal transport operator as expressly agreed upon between the consignor and the multimodal transport operator;]
(i) whether it is negotiable or non-negotiable;
(j) the place and date of its issue;
13 [(k) freight payable by the consignor or the consignee, as the case may be, to be mentioned only if expressly agreed by both the consignor and the consignee;]
(l) the signature of the multimodal transport operator or of a person duly authorised by him;
(m) the intended journey route, modes of transport and places of transhipment, if known at the time of its issue;
(n) terms of shipment and a statement that the document has been issued subject to and in accordance with this Act; and
(o) any other particular which the parties may agree to insert in the document, if any such particular is not inconsistent with any law for the time being in force: 14 [Provided that the absence of any of the particulars listed above shall not affect the legal character of the multimodal transport document.]