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Kali Prasad And Ors. vs The State on 6 October, 1950
Chunilal Kothari And Ors. vs Sm. Gopi Devi Mimani And Ors. on 20 January, 1965
In Re: Mandalapu Paddayya And Ors. vs Unknown on 11 August, 1950

[Section 109] [Complete Act]
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Central Government Act
Section 109(c) in The Indian Penal Code
(c) A and B conspire to poison Z. A in pursuance of the conspira­cy, procures the poison and delivers it to B in order that he may administer it to Z. B, in pursuance of the conspiracy, adminis­ters the poison to Z in A’s absence and thereby causes Z’s death. Here B is guilty of murder. A is guilty of abetting that offence by conspiracy, and is liable to the punishment for murder. CLASSIFICATION OF OFFENCE Punishment—Same as for offence abetted—According as offence abetted is cognizable or non-cognizable—According as offence abetted is bailable or non-bailable—Triable by court by which offence abetted is triable—Non-compoundable.