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Sri Venkataramana Devaruand ... vs The State Of Mysore And ... on 8 November, 1957
Sardar Syedna Taher Saifuddin ... vs The State Of Bombay on 9 January, 1962
Arya Samaj Education Trust, Delhi ... vs The Director Of Education, Delhi ... on 17 November, 1975
The State Of Bombay vs Shastri Yagna Purushadasji on 3 October, 1958
Adi Saiva Sivachariyargal ... vs Govt. Of Tamil Nadu & Anr on 16 December, 2015

[Article 25(2)] [Article 25] [Constitution]
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Central Government Act
Article 25(2)(b) in The Constitution Of India 1949
(b) providing for social welfare and reform or the throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus Explanation I The wearing and carrying of kirpans shall be deemed to be included in the profession of the Sikh religion Explanation II In sub clause (b) of clause reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jaina or Buddhist religion, and the reference to Hindu religious institutions shall be construed accordingly