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Muthu vs State on 13 October, 1988
(Syed) Hamid Hasan And Ors. vs Emperor on 7 October, 1931

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Central Government Act
Section 112 in The Indian Penal Code
112. Abettor when liable to cumulative punishment for act abetted and for act done.—If the act for which the abettor is liable under the last preceding section is committed in addition to the act abetted, and constitutes a distinct offence, the abettor is liable to punishment for each of the offences. Illustration A instigates B to resist by force a distress made by a public servant. B, in consequence, resists that distress. In offering the resistance, B voluntarily causes grievous hurt to the officer executing the distress. As B has committed both the offence of resisting the distress, and the offence of voluntarily causing grievous hurt, B is liable to punishment for both these offences; and, if A knew that B was likely voluntarily to cause grievous hurt in resisting the distress A will also be liable to punish­ment for each of the offences.