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A.M. Prabhakaran vs Chithappa Sulaikabi on 9 February, 2007

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Central Government Act
Section 2 in The Delhi Rent Act, 1995
2. Definitions. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
(a) " Bench" means a Bench of the Tribunal;
(b) " Chairman" means the Chairman of the Tribunal;
(c) " fair rate" means' the fair rate fixed under section 39 and includes the rate as revised under section 40;
(d) " hotel or lodging house" means a building or a part of a building where lodging, with or without board or other services, is provided for a monetary consideration;
(e) " landlord" means a person who, for the time being is receiving, or is entitled to receive, the rent of any premises, whether on his own account or on account of or on behalf of, or for the benefit of, any other person or as a trustee, guardian or receiver for any other person or who would so receive the rent or be entitled to receive the rent if the premises were let to a tenant;
(f) " lawful Increase" means an increase in rent permitted under the provisions of this Act;
(g) " manager of a hotel" includes any person in charge of the management of' the hotel;
(h) " Member" means a Member of the Tribunal and includes the Chairman;
(i) " owner of a lodging house" means a person who receives or is entitled to receive whether on his own account or on behalf of himself and others or as an agent or a trustee for any other person, any monetary Consideration from any person on account of board, lodging or other Services provided in the lodging house;
(j) " premises" means any building or part of a building which is or is intended to be, let separately for use as a residence or for non- residential use or for any other purpose, and includes-- (i) the garden, grounds and outhouses if any, appertaining to such building or part of the building; (ii) any fittings to such building or part of the building for the more beneficial enjoyment thereof; but does not include a room in a hotel or a lodging house.
(k) " prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act;
(l) " Rent Authority" means an authority appointed under subsection (1) of section 43 and includes an additional Rent Authority appointed under sub- section. (2) of that section;
(m) " standard' rent", in relation to any premises, means the rent calculated under section 7;
(n) " tenant" means any person by whom or on whose account or behalf the rent of any premises is or, but for a special contract, would be payable, and includes--
(i) a sub- tenant;
(ii) any person continuing in possession after the termination of his tenancy, but does not include-
(i) any person against whom an order or decree for eviction has been made, except where such decree or order for eviction is liable to be re- opened under the proviso to section 3 of the Delhi Rent Control (Amendment) Act, 1976 ; (18 of 1976 .)
(ii) any person to whom a licence as defined in section 52 of the Indian Easements Act, 1882 (5 of 1882 .) has been granted;
(o) " Tribunal" means the Delhi Rent Tribunal established Under section 46;
(p) " urban area" has the same meaning as in the Delhi municipal Corporation Act, 1957 . (66 of 1957 .)