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In The Matter Of vs The State on 28 July, 2012
State vs . Jagvinder Singh on 17 August, 2010
Mayank Tiwari & Anr vs State Of Jharkhand on 5 July, 2013
State vs . Shammi on 15 November, 2014

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Central Government Act
Section 287 in The Indian Penal Code
287. Negligent conduct with respect to machinery.—Whoever does, with any machinery, any act so rashly or negligently as to endan­ger human life, or to be likely to cause hurt or injury to any other person, or knowingly or negligently omits to take such order with any machinery in his possession or under his care as is sufficient to guard against any probable danger to human life from such machin­ery, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.