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Pormanan vs P.Thiagarajan on 8 December, 2010
S. Madasamy Thevar vs A.M. Arjuna Raja on 27 March, 2000
Ekramul Haque And Others vs The State Of West Bengal & Others on 18 May, 2017
Smt.Sukhwati Bai vs Manphool Narwariya on 1 May, 2015
Curch Of South India Trustees vs M.P.Saleena Daniel @ Baby on 15 July, 2010

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Central Government Act
Section 103 in The Indian Evidence Act, 1872
103. Burden of proof as to particular fact.—The burden of proof as to any particular fact lies on that person who wishes the Court to believe in its existence, unless it is provided by any law that the proof of that fact shall lie on any particular person. Illustration 1[
(a) ] A prosecutes B for theft, and wishes the Court to believe that B admitted the theft to C. A must prove the admission. B wishes the Court to believe that, at the time in question, he was elsewhere. He must prove it. COMMENTS Plea of alibi Plea of alibi taken by accused, it is he who has to prove it; State of Haryana v. Sher Singh, AIR 1981 SC 1021: 1981 SC Cr R 317: 1981 Cr LJ 714: (1981) 2 SCC 300.