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Purusottam Sabara And Ors. vs State Of Orissa on 17 May, 1991
Chiman Lal vs Datar Singh And Ors. on 11 March, 1997
Sushil Ansal And 2 Ors. vs State Of U.P.& Another. on 6 July, 2010
Smt. Sadhna Mittal vs Smt. Sunita Barar on 12 September, 2008
Smt. Usha Ghosh vs Rabindra Nath Das And Others on 19 April, 1991

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Central Government Act
Section 47 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973
47. Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested.
(1) If any person acting under a warrant of arrest, or any police officer having authority to arrest, has reason to believe that the person to be arrested has entered into, or is within, any place, any person residing in, or being in charge of, such place shall, on demand of such person acting as aforesaid or such police officer, allow him free ingress thereto, and afford all reasonable facilities for a search therein.
(2) If ingress to such place cannot be obtained under subsection (1), it shall be lawful in any case for a person acting under a warrant and in any case in which a warrant may issue, but cannot be obtained without affording the person to be arrested an opportunity of escape, for a police officer to enter such place and search therein, and in order to effect an entrance into such place, to break open any outer or inner door or window of any house or place, whether that of the person to be arrested or of any other person, if after notification of his authority and purpose, and demand of admittance duly made, he cannot otherwise obtain admittance: Provided that, if any such place is an apartment in the actual occupancy of a female (not being the person to be arrested) who, according to custom, does not appear in public, such person or police officer shall, before entering such apartment, give notice to such female that she is at liberty to withdraw and shall afford her every reasonable facility for withdrawing, and may then break open the apartment and enter it.
(3) Any police officer or other person authorised to make an arrest may break open any outer or inner door or window of any house or place in order to liberate himself or any other person who, having lawfully entered for the purpose of making an arrest, is detained therein.